Tiny 1.5 - 2 HP motor

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    I'm looking for a gasoline motor with the following characteristics:

    1) Very small... needs to fit into a tight scooter frame, fitted to a high-efficiency generator. A battery set, control electronics, electric drive motor and NuVinci CVT will also have to fit in. The space is currently occupied by a GY6 150 CC motor / CVT, on a Tank Urban Racer 150 DE scooter.

    2) 1.5 to 2 HP, 4-stroke

    3) Preferably electric start (although the generator could be used as a motor to spin the gas motor to start it)

    4) Preferably fuel injected

    5) Forced (not splash) oil lubrication

    6) Ultra-reliable

    7) Peak torque around 5000 RPM (it will run at this speed only).

    8) Electronic ignition

    9) Meets CARB requirements

    My idea is to run the scooter off the battery most of the time, until the battery reaches about 50% charge, whereupon the gas motor will run to charge the battery, then once the battery is fully charged (or the 110 volt charger is plugged in), the gas motor will shut off. Since I can plug in at home and at work, I could probably get away with not running the gas motor all that much.

    Any ideas?
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    Robin Subaru 25 cc is the place to start, meets most of the requirements, but the elec. start is an add on you'd have to develop.
  4. all the options, none of the costs!

    Hello, and Let Me tell you that I'm pleased to meet you!

    Perpetual motion is not a viable option!

    Therre are NO engines on the market to meet your specs, BUT, keep on, as nothing is gained without searching, and running into brick walls till one finds the opening!

    Do be sure to let us-all know IF you find such a power-source!

    Your friend-in need (and a friend-in-need, is a friend indeed!!!)

    MotorbikeMike (total newbie, and visitor to all things MotorBike)Be sure to check with Knowledgeable sources, as there os a chance that I am not a good reference for what is available on the current market