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Hello All,

Here's my build for the torque arm for any electric motor. I am in the process
of installing a 48V electric hub motor on my bike. many of these kits
don't come with a torque arm, so here's a quick tutorial to make
your own.

TOOLS: you will need a drill, hack saw or cut off wheel, round file and a flat file.

1. Start with some steel stock that can be purchased at Home Depot or any local
hardware store. I got this one at Home Depot for $4.00 I think. This is 1/8in thick
steel, nice and sturdy and easy to work with.

2. Cut off the amount needed, keeping in mind that the leverage
comes from how long the piece is. I cut mine to 8in. Take one of the
washers that came with your kit and use it as a template for your hole.
drill 2 or more pilot holes making sure they are inside of your drawn hole,
then use your files to shape out the hole.

As you get closer to the drawn hole start trying to fit check the torque
arm. you want to have as snug a fit as you can.

3. When you get your hole filed to size where it is nice and snug, install it on your hub.

I installed mine on the inside of the fork, basically replacing the
washer that would be there.

4. Mount your wheel and from the other side I mounted the
torque arm with 2 size 10 self taping screws. you can also use hose
clamps or other methods to attach the arm.

5. The final mount will look something like this, I painted and shaped
my torque arm a bit to match my bike and paint, but you can make the
install look as clean or dirty as you want to . . .

Hopefully this is a helpful tutorial to those of you taking
the "ELECTRIC" route for your bike . . .

Take Care All,



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Nov 4, 2006
I remember when Blaze spun his axle....and his fix! very nice. the dude knows his stuff!
your post, however...
takes the specific problem, from a preventative aspect, to the cure, in an easy to follow tutorial. is your last name Chilton? :LOL:
awesome job !!
I am trying to develop some basic installation pictorials here, for the chinese engines. with your permission, I'd like to borrow from your tutorial style. (& I'm not too proud to take some advice....or some help) 8)




Hey, what is the best electric kit for a bike? The most bang for the buck, and should I get batteries at an automotive dealer? If so what kind should I get?


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Jun 8, 2008
Need Pictures

I realize this is an old post, but it seems to have some valuable information in it... if only the pictures were still there. JFleck, are you still monitoring this? Anyone else able to help out with this? This should be sticky'ed if the pictures can be reproduced.


Apr 6, 2008
this is most likely why no img tags are allowed anymore
i would have liked to see them too



Hey guys been awhile since I have been on the site and saw these pics were gone so i'm reposting them . . .

They are in the same order as the above guide I couldn't figure out how to edit that post to re add them . . .




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Nov 25, 2008
nice job...for those without access to tools a couple of ring spanners or open ended spanners from the local hardware held in place with hose clamps do the trick ;-)



this is most likely why no img tags are allowed anymore
i would have liked to see them too

actually yes they are as long as image size isnt excessive, the rules were 'made clear' a few months back now when it
was bought to light, the rules never said they were not allowed but people like myself that posted img tags got a few pics deleted, admins came to the party and bought the forum into the modern age LoL..
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