Tow jobber

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  1. mabman

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    Ran across this and thought it was kind of cool?

    Might come in useful on group rides or just to have one aboard to help a brother/sister out along the way sometime? Sometimes when I am on my MAB and my wife is on her pedal bike I will come up alongside her and put my right hand on her back and give her an assist. This works because I have my throttle on the left because it works out better for me that way. With this I could just hook her up and away we go! If I get one I will report back here.
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  2. hill climber

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    looks like a crash waiting to happen
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    It looks like it could be alright. It's a neat idea.

    One thing that bothers me at times like this, though, is their reluctance to reveal the price. I couldn't find it on that site. And it's important the moment I become mildly interested in the product. If it's going to cost $250.00, then I don't want to spend any more time on it. If it's going to be 39.95, then I'm interested in learning more. And I dont' want to make a phone call to find out.
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