Turbo Encabulator - Can someone give me a more technical explaination.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Fabian, Oct 17, 2009.

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    Hahahaha! I love the lab coat!
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    I still love that video!
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    To think, we once believed the Turbo Encabulator was cutting edge. However, when Escalated Restrabbed Inclubulascence was discovered, it quickly fell out of favor. Thanks for the memories!
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    But the theorem of applying billable hours while performing no other useful function still exists.
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    HEY! I resemble that remark!
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    That's a great video. Very, very funny.
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    Any body notice that was by Chrysler, makers of transmissions with an iron clad guarantee to fail before the first oil change is due.

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    Ha ha ha....great comeback Mr Hough. Great when some one has enough self confidence to be able to laugh at himself.
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    Oh my goodness, my sides ache from laughing so hard. I love it! :grin5:
  13. I adjusted my turbo encabulator for skim and increased flabulance fourfold.
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    I tried to do that too, but when I went to install a silicone filter inline with the fitzer fetser tube, the ****ed shak'alulu valve stuck in the open position.
    now flabulance won't build up pressure at all!
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    Obviously you need to double the bill rate for thermopolis spranghitch on time.
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    Don't laugh but have you guys seen how complex some new engines/ tranny's are?

    Try taking a look at the DSG tranny's that VW puts in some of their vehicles or the emission system on new common rail diesels that have a diesel particulate filter with regneration, onboard urea production, etc..etc..

    What I find funny about the vid is that many dealer techs today can't diagnose simple problems. I recently spend 100 bucks for a dealership to diagnose an oil leak on my wife's diesel Jeep Liberty. THey first said it was a leaking head gasket and wanted 1200 dollars in labor to repair it and then later said it was a leaking rear main seal and wanted another 1000 dolllars to fix it (said it was leaking from two spots).

    When it was all said an done, I finally got some free time from work and after cleaning up the engine and putting some UV die in the block, I discovered it was a bad turbo oil line that i replaced for 90 dollars. My driveway is spot free again.
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    all i want to know is,is this the new ezm setup?guess well never see the inside of this one!lol