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  1. airbrusher

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    Hi all,
    Just wondering how many people in the UK have motored bikes,and are on this web site???when i look through the posts there are not a lot from the UK it would be good to know of any this side of the water????

    PARTY ON DUDES :grin5:

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    I can think of a couple right off hand. And there's at least a few more, I'm sure.

    When they log on and see this, then I'm sure you'll hear from them.
  3. BSA

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    yup I have a motored bike and theres others here.

  4. airbrusher

    airbrusher New Member

    :grin5:Thats brilliant,im in the midlands TELFORD to be exact!!as i said iv only had my bike for 2 weeks,and im in the process of pulling it apart,the bike itself is a bit of a bone shacker LOL,so iv got a carrea 21 speed moutain bike, im putting every thing into that,plus im changing the 29 tooth sprocet for the 44tooth,should slow it down a bit,had a bit of a problem trying to buy a new chain??and the price whent from £30 for 2 meter,to £2.65 a foot,there are some on good old EVILBAY,but not sure if they will fit???when i say its for a 80cc motorized bike i get the old,is it a mini moto??????? is it a goped???
    soorryyyy never heared of them,HA HA HA they dont no WHAT there MISSING
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    I'm detecting early stages of MBaddiction.....pioneers of the newest Trainspotting-type fadsters.

    Too much smiling is a dietary danger when the bugs start to fly !!

    Carry on.