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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by fredbert, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. fredbert

    fredbert Guest

    I bought a gear box from a US supplier to be shipped to N.Ireland, according to USPS tracking and confirm it indicates an attempted delivery.

    I have a time of 6:16 am delivery simply does not occur here at that time in the morning, no attempted delivery notice was left.

    The story I get from the seller is: here is the reply:
    I think i see the confusion. I ship everything united states postal service. There must be a mistake or something. I was under the impression that USPS hands it off to your local mail carrier at which point it is considered delivered. USPS has no way of knowing if delivery to your door was attempted by whomever handles it afterward. So by this ... USPS attempted to hand it over to UK...postal.... whoever... and that didnt happen so its still undelivered....
    Let me know if it shows up..

    I would think if I paid for delivery of an item it would mean delivery to my door not the nearest post depot.

    Would USPS require a reciept for delivery to my home if they handed the parcel of to any delivery service.

    I think I am getting smoke blown up my exhaust.


  2. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Hello fredbert,

    On many of my orders, I request USPS shipment as they transport 7 days a week, unlike UPS that shuts down on weekends. If memory serves correctly, the shipper must request that an order delivery be acknowledged via signature, whether the carrier is UPS or USPS. I don't have a clue what happens when USPS hands off to UKPS, have you tried emailing USPS customer service? By the way, what company are you dealing with, some of our members may have done business with them also.
  3. fredbert

    fredbert Guest

    I have a funny feeling you know who I am talking about, Tucson, AZ is all I am going to say LOL!

    If I knew what postal service that USPS use in the UK I could phone them and see whats happening.

    To be fair this is not the sellers fault he got the gearbox to UK within 7 days which I think is impressive, what is not is his not too helpful response.