Valve timing on 4 stroke Honda


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Hey, my two month old honda gxh50 developed a tick that i have been told is related to the valve timing. anyone ever torn down one of these honda's, or know what im talking about? Got any suggestions?



Guest 4-stroke experience (i don't have one of those engines)...a new valve tick would have me looking at lubrication first-off. maybe it's that simple? how's the level and condition of the crank-oil?

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hey, thanks for the reply. the oil is the original oil, 2mo old. I will change it an see what happens before i crack it. thank you!


It may be that the valve clearance (called lash) need to be adjusted.
This is part of normal 4 stroke maintenance.
I had a motor once where the valves got real loud, sounded fatal, all that was wrong was that the lock nut on valve adjuster screw came loose letting the gap change from a the required .004 thousands of an inch to about 1/8 inch.
Reset the gap and problem cured.

I would check your valves before you tear your motor apart.

Valve timing is controlled by the camshaft and is not adjustable (at least not easily).

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Thanks VB, i will check the valve clearence once my service manual arrives from honda. And thanks for the heads up on the valve timing vs valve clearence, I'm new to combustion. Cant wait to get my moto up and running again.



I just downloaded the owner's manual from Honda for this engine, this is not the service manual...they don't give those awat apparently, but the valve clearance is one of the few things on the maintenance schedule and the cold valve clearance is listed as .08 +- .02 mm on the intake and .11 +- .02 mm for the exhaust.

The owner's manual does not have the adjustment procedure, and I cannot be any help there because I'm new to these OHV engine...I'm a flathead Briggs from way back.

If you don't have the owner's manual, you can go to and get it. I apologize if I am not supposed to link...but it's a free resource.

Good luck and keep us updating. I will be using the same engine.

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Whats up HoMade, great name...

Those manuals are not free, but i broke down and bought one. I bought yesterday for 33.95$us from

My motor is off the bike now and on my bench awaiting the service manual. I plan to photo doc the valve clearence adjustment procedure and post the corresponding shop manual pages on MBc for all to learn from.

Have you built your ride yet or purchased the motor?

Thanks Ho!



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Dec 15, 2006
I plan to photo doc the valve clearence adjustment procedure and post the corresponding shop manual pages on MBc for all to learn from.

nice idea !!!:D:cool::D
when You are done, post it here in tech/mech under it's own thread !!!