Venice Beach ride March 7th!

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  1. We will be having another Venice Beach bike ride on Sunday March 7th!
    We've been having monthly rides in los Angeles for several months & all MBers are welcome! (our last LA ride had over 20 riders!!)

    The starting point is the Federal building @ 11000 Wilshire Bl. Los Angeles, CA 90024.

    We will meet on the south side of the building Sunday March 7th @10:30am & roll out @11:00.

  2. rockvoice

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    trying to decide which ride to go on , yours or the guy from the other forum.
    ha ha
  3. Yeah, that dude's bad a$$!! Go on his!! ;) haha
  4. Just a reminder.... come out & ride with us on the 7th!!
  5. It's looking like it will be dry enough to ride tomorrow!!!
    I'll post first thing in the morning about how dry it is!!

    We're riding if it's dry enough!!!
  6. All systems go!! We're meeting @ 10:30 & rolling out @ 11:00!
  7. I think we had about 12 or 13 riders today!! I want to thank everyone for rolling on our 'So-Cal' club ride!!! The next ride is on the 27th of March!
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    I heard that there was some guy there with a bad *** 2 seater...

  9. Yeah, but he was pretty slow tho... haha :whistling: :jester: