Vibration Blues

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    Well i took the bike for the longest ride yet yesterday. First thing that had happened was that i had only enough gas in my tank it just filled up my fuel line. That would have sucked to run out of gas. I stopped that when i found a fuel leak at the petcock. Second problem was on the way home my carb vibrated out of the intake almost fell out. Thank goodness for zip-ties in the ammo can. I had to take it easy the rest out the way home ride on the shoulder and back roads but i made it. Oh and i had my first dumn dumn driver in a car scare. It was about 9 at night and I'm just driving along just ending a down hill from a bridge and a car is flashing there lights at me and honking there horn. I'm thinking something fell off or worse. I pulled off on the shoulder and the car just kept driving. Heres to you but head.:poop:


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    Jack, Nothing came loose that locktite would have prevented. Believe me everything has it on it. The carb needs a little bit of epoxy at the union due to a intake extention i did to secure it better. and the petcock just needed a little snugness. I got some maintenace due on it and just need to put a wrench on everything and re check for trueness. Thanks for the advic.
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    carb went goodbye.

    On my bike the carb actually vibrated off. I was tooling down the road when my engine just quit, I look down and the carb is just hanging by the throttle cable. I pull over got out my trusty Swiss Army knife and reattach it with a little more torc. Been OK since then. I think its a good idea to try for a test ride within walking distance to settle these things out.(I should have taken my own advice)

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    Loctite is a good investment!