Videos of my Chainsaw bike

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  1. daikonbacon

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    Here's a few videos: (More on my channel)
    Version one:
    V2.1 Update:
    V2.2 Update:
    V2.3 Update:
    V2.4 Update:
    Timelapse build:
    Speed test/ FAQs:
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    This is my first motorized bike and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks- Daikon
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  2. Matt Barrack

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    That's a pretty cool bike! I believe we've talked before, in the comments of the first video. Do you know if these chainsaw bikes put out more power than a 2 stroke motorized bike, like the ones you get from the kits?
  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Good proactive work on installing an outboard bearing.

    Good work on keeping the clutch. It makes your bike much more versatile.

    Good job in decreasing roller diameter.

    Maybe a 1.125" pipe with welding droplets would work better and make the bike faster.
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  4. samuelric

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    Awesome stuff you got there!