Vintage K & S Bike Machine kit

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Esteban, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Esteban

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    I always prefer to ride vintage/antique bike motors on my bikes. I will ride a motor for a few years, then sell. See my avatar for a KOOL ride I had a few years back.
    Now, it is time for me to sell another one of my kits. It is a K & S Bike Machine kit, made in about late 1970's , I think. This is a very well made friction drive kit with an Echo type motor. Moves along faster than I want to go. The mounting system is very well made & I believe sturdier than anything new I have seen on the market. The last one of these I saw on The BAY, sold for $275, & it needed repairs. This one hasn't been used since last winter, but shouldn't need much, if anything to go.
    $175,, located in Fl.

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  2. augidog

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    that is not only totally cool, but also totally florida-"compliant" should easily get your price thru craigslist :)
  3. Esteban

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    Even though the picture of the 2 riding the bike is probably from the '70's, that Mom is HOT !
  4. Esteban

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  5. Chris Crew

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    Does the lady in the hat come with the motor?
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    where can I get a pair of those shorts????
  7. Esteban

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    Still for sale. I will ship at my cost. Probably no more than $25.
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    where in florida are you??
  9. Esteban

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    N. Central, just below Gainesville.