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Hi all. I posted in the intro section, and did the search for my topic, but nothing was found other than my intro, so here I go.

I was recently given a Hedstrom Whisperide electric 3 wheeled bike for free, due to the owner passing away and the son not wanting it.
I've searched the web for 2 days and cannot find any info on this bike, other than the demise of the Hedstrom Company. Nothing on the auction sites either.
I have the owners manual, which is very vague, and 2 receipts for batteries but that's all.
It's a dual battery, 24" tires, guages, pedal to start the motor or all the time manual, trunk and electric key start. It is also marked as Frame # 7 from the company. I purchased 2 new batteries and tires and tubes to get it running.
I have no idea of the history, value, reliability or mechanics of this bike, so if anyone can help out, drop me a PM, reply or email.
Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.
Clearwater, Florida


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Dec 15, 2006
it might take a while for answers on this one
there's a few pretty knowledgeable guys here about the antique/older motoredbikes, so you should get some info on it
sounds like a pretty cool resto project tho :D


i tried a casual search the other night for your bike, no luck...see the link in my signature for how to get some pics into our library, no wait necessary :)


Hedstrom Pics

Here's a few shots of the Hedstrom Whisperide I got for nothing. No information found as of yet. See prior post for details. Thanks Augidog for the tips. Sorry if a couple of the shots are blurry.


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Good score. And thanks for posting the question. I just spent some pleasant time reading about Carl Hedstrom and his developement of the Indian motorcycle in 1901. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything about your Whisperide. Tomorrow, I'll ask Angel to look. If it's on the net, she will probably find it.
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