Wanted a new 4 stroke G5 bicycle motor kit

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    :snobby::snobby:Thanks to a uninsured drunk driver I no longer have a car and no way of getting one for at least 6-8 months or until I can save up a down payment.:snobby::snobby:
    For that reason on the 22ed of this month I will be needing a New 4 stroke G5 Bicycle motor kit to get me to the store and bus stop both around 10-15 miles 1 way .
    The kit must include a wide sprocket and any and all parts needed to install the kit to my bicycle, I will have around $350.00 total to spend that will have to include every and all charges including tax's and shipping to Dallas TX 75236.
    You also must accept pay-pal that is the only way I will pay.
    I would love to spend more but $350.00 is my total pay check and is all I will have. The brand name is not so important as long as it's a good kit with a good motor and a good jackshift, transmission clutch gear box what ever you call the part that the chain hook up to. I found a kit at
    enginesonlineshop.com for around that but they do not take pay-pal if you have kit is as good or better than there kit listed below please pm me.


    Thanks for all your help Samdallas214:idea::detective::helmet::dunce::eek::-/

    PS Scratched and dent /Display kit are fine as long as it works as good as a new one and has all the parts is all I care