washer to clear back tire?

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    I was reading some posts about chain rubbing on back tire (which is a problem I have now) and a couple people mentioned putting a washer on the engines gear to push out the chain? or is it a washer on sprocket to push out the chain? I have tried adjusting the idler and my sprocket is the crappy kind (flat on both sides no curve) so I have fixed the problem by just adjusting the tire so that it dogtracks a hair, but I only have a few millimeters of clearance. How would I do the washer technique?


  2. HI,

    If you have a dished rear sprocket, you can flip it such that the beveled edge is closer to the spokes and the teeth are further from the spokes....If you sprocket is NOT beveled (i.e. flat throughout), you can insert a washer on the backside of the rear sprocket (the side towards the spokes) to push the sprocket further from the spokes....Of course you run the bolts through any washers you use to space the sprocket out so they can't fall out....

    Hope this helps you.