Stretching frame to fit rear tire. Aligning back tire correctly between frams

Rereading this, it will be off kilter. That's fine? So I can add this half nut to the right side to center it just a little bit more? (Not half inch) Or add a standard nut to the right side?

Then everything should be fine WITH 1.95 tires and NO disc brake rotor UNTIL I get my disc brake situation figured out and my disc brake rotor is OFF

I feel like you're getting really impatient with me, I'm just trying my best to understand.
Damien is telling you what he did and how to do it.

It will work, but only if you mimic his setup.

Again, I don't have those wheels or exact bike.

But if you wanted to run fatter tires a *possible* solution is to get that hub adapter and then space it out to where you want it using a smaller sprocket stacked behind (expensive) or possibly some washers that you might have to shave to clear the inside of the hub and probably longer bolts.

Again this is only a possibility, but it could cost you money with no payoff.

I recently went through a nightmare putting my Phatmoto together, so I've had several Ideas for solutions.

And no, Damien is very upfront and direct, it comes off as impatient, but he's helped out a lot of folks here.

Want him angry? tell him 4 strokes are in and 2 strokes are so last year.
This will have to do for my current setup. I'll tinker some with it later, gotta go to work


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Some humans mess with things then get upset that they are idiots and messed up alot more than they bargained for eh ?!? LOL

In the electric world that could mess up alot more than what they thought in more than a few ways...ugh!
tell much lateral play before failure?
This is a beach cruiser made from mild steel, and stupid thick tubing. It'll be fine to stretch. People do it all the time trying to modernize old ultra light weight racing road bikes and it works out there.

Want to see crazy? Watch club riders, pushing 1000 watt sprints down a stupid steep hill on 23mm tires with only rim brakes.

Its only stretched out 12.5 mm on each side. (110 coaster hub to 135 disc brake hub)
To my understanding of frame geometry, the wheel must be centered in the frame. The vertical line between the seat tube and the head tube forms the line that the wheels have to follow, if the wheel is off set from this center line the steering geometry will change from turning left to right. Over steer one side vs under steer the other.

Also the chain stays must be an equal distance from the center line of the frame. This is easily determined by putting a straight edge against the head tube and seat tube and measuring the off set on each side. This difference can be made up with spacers to exactly center the wheel.

Now you have a frame centered wheel with equal distance chain stays resulting in a balanced bike that will steer evenly in both directions.