West Coast Chopper - stretch job

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  1. hey this is my current project
    not quite finished, but finished enough to try out before the snow came
    i liked the lines of this frame, so this was a pretty simple stretch, "merely" extending the triangle
    i stretched the frame using some scraps of chrome stripper pole and railing as the sleeve, an attempt to keep the chrome look while not obscuring the fact that the bike has been modified

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  2. Bzura

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    Yo! That looks like a lot of fun! Are those smaller wheels than stock or do they just look that way because its stretched & chopped?

    The exhaust is crazy too! How does that long of a run make the engine run? I like it!!
  3. it is fun! and it gets a ton of attention.
    those a re the wheels that came with the bike 20x3.0
    they are extra wide but the spkes and rim are not so i had to space the drive "sprocket" far out on a spacer
    the wheels probably appear smaller because of the stretch the fork angle is the same as stock - but 7" longer than original - and did that last
    because the frame is a triangle the rest of the stretch was pretty easy 8.5" bottom, 4" up tube, 11" spine
    i kept the original "corners"