1952 Higgins stretched custom chopper

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    Hey ya'll! I built this 1952 Higgins stretched chopper the winter of 2012, just gettin around to posting this picture. Looking for feed back. The frame was stretched to 60in, laced with custom 36in ape hangers, DDR 2 comp head, 36in speed sprocket, NT speed carb jetted. engine ported for max performance and fitted with a sick bike expansion exhaust.
    This bike was built totally as I went. This bike is tipped with polished chrome, dual lights, with a west coast low rider banana seat, seat poles was fab from an old extra size bike polished for max bling, bling!!. Custom made spring action tensioner. This bike was strictly build for a man child......:grin5: At 6'8 310pds Giant!!, I get every bit of 40 miles per hr from this Grubee Sky hawk power plant on straight away. Custom made chrome engine covers for extra bling and custom made chrome intake cover for max air flow.
    Let me know what you think! If you guys would like me to post more pictures of this build, let me know.


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  2. STL Sparky*

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    Wanna race?:devilish:
    Looking good Big"O"!
    Keep up the good work ;)
  3. bigo

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    Thanks Sparky!!
  4. KeepOnKeepnOn

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    Nice, my first motor bike had ape hangers and a banana seat too. Dig the rat rod look. It wants red rims and white walls. How bout a closer picture of the air cleaner.
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    Those apes would fit Yao Ming! Beautiful bike.
  6. siouxindian

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    very nice work. good color .A+!:cool2: