what do you use to splint the engine open?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by happyjourney, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. happyjourney

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    i've seen crank case splitters for chainsaws are there ones for these engines someone has experience with?

  2. Fabian

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    [HR][/HR]You can get crankcase splitters for the Chinese 2-stroke bicycle engine; in fact i have such a crankcase splitter in my garage. It took about 3 hours to design and manufacture, using nothing more than a set of files, a digital caliper, a couple of bolts and a drill press and 5mm steel plate.

    My splitter not only separates the cases but it also closes the cases back together without using engine bolts to force the crankshaft bearings into the case half bearing receivers, thereby preventing distortion of the crank and sending it out of true as crankshaft bearings are "pulled" into each of the case halve receivers :grin5:

    I don't use any kind of impact force to either separate or to close the case halves back together; with no crankshaft distortion as the engine bolts are fixed in place.
  3. happyjourney

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    i'd like a picture if you've got one and remember some time. i might want to make my own as well.
  4. Fabian

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    I'll have photos and an explanation coming your way
  5. Fabian

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    @ happyjourney

    Just sent you a PM
    It might take a bit of time for the photos to load.
  6. HeadSmess

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    screw case bolts out 5 turns and smack em with a hammer :D

    even just replacing the clutch arm n stuff and giving that a go can start the split. no screwdrivers or steel in the gap please!

    or yeah, make a sexy puller to hang on the wall :)
  7. Fabian

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    :ee2k: what was i thinking - why did i waste my time making a case splitter and reassembly jig when i could have just screwed case bolts out 5 turns and smacked em with a hammer and then i guess i could have used a hammer to smack it all back together.

    HeadSmess, good to see we have a true professional amongst us - It's times like these that i need a face palm emoticon, but this is the best that i could find :nono:
  8. darwin

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    Small chisel and a plastic mallet. Just need to be forceful yet vary careful while doing it. Work your way around the pieces to be seperated don't concentrate on just 1 area. You can chip the casting but if your careful it works. Do not mar gasket surface areas while doing it. Just the way i've done it.
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    Someone please find me a face palm emoticon because it's at the point where it's needed.
    This is how cranky i feel when reading some of the advise :taz:

    Hammers * Chisels * Screwdrivers used as pry bars and a newbie trying to split the case for the first time usually results in a f*&kup as pictured in one of my photos.

    Chainsaw manufactures make case splitting tools for a reason, so do motorcycle manufactures and automotive manufactures and aerospace manufacturers.

    I must be a complete f*&cwit for wasting my time designing a case splitting and reassembly tool, when i could just as easily beat the fecal matter out of the engine with a hammer and attack it with screwdriver pry bars and a chisel.

    I really need a face palm emoticon but this will have to do:

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    So where are the pics? or are we poor mortals not privileged enough?
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    Thanks Happyjourney
  13. HeadSmess

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    no, apparently us ignorant hammer weilding savages wouldnt know what to do with a picture anyways...

    now, why does every mechanics shop have at least one hammer?

    and, more pray tell... an impact driver is belted with a hammer.... so what gives?

    some of us are pedantic and like patting ourselves on the back for making the appropriate equipment...or buying.

    sure, if you got a few of them to do or paying customers who wont appreciate waiting 3 months for a new case from japan... the jigs are crucial. (helps if you are a big workshop and can store the million and ten jigs required...)

    some of us feel that when the engine is cheaper than a good quality hammer in the first place, that pedantics can go jump out the window and contort themselves so certain body parts make their way into certain bodily orifices.... we just want to get the job done! NOW! with as little damage as possible.
  14. Fabian

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    I like to get the job done with "no damage"