What Is the best 2 stroke 80 cc on the market

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  1. I was curious as to what Is the best 2 stroke 80cc on the market and where to get It? And also curious Which Is better.A steel lined cylinder or chrome?

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    Ask 10 people, and you are likely to get 10 different answers. You'll also get lectured on the fact that there are no 80cc engines. Largest is about 66cc. The manufacturers were using total cylinder volume instead of swept volume in an attemp to make their engines "bigger and better" thanthe competition.

    One sure thing is that you cannot buy a 80cc (66cc) engine with a steel lined cylinder. Only a couple of suppliers have the 50cc steel lined models.

    IMO a steel sleeved engine is preferable to the chrome plated cylinders provided by the kit makers. A quality nikasil or chrome plated liner would actually be better for heat transfer and weight, but the steel sleeves can be refinished when rebuild time comes.
  3. I see,Thanks Ghostrider.Good to know this Info.Wonder why no 80/66 cc motors are built with steel lined cylinders? Do I smell a conspiracy here?
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    Conspiring against who?

    I suppose an importer could specify that they wanted steel lined cylinders on their 66cc engines if they wanted to pay the extra money. I'd buy them for sure. I like the steel sleeved 50cc engines. They don't use NT carbs either, they use a minimoto carb that bolts right to the cylinder without the intake tube.
  5. I meant conspire as In having to replace a darn cylinder too often.Seems like these cylinders wear out quick.I wondeer why an Importer will not request steel lined cylinders?Perhaps It's repair and replacement costs.Just do not understand why you can get a 50 cc with steel tube but not a 80/66cc.Not to mention,I wonder also why no 80/66cc engines are made with 4 stroke design.Just curious.
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    This is just personal opinion based on feeling not fact but... If one increased the bore and or stroke to a true 80cc the rest of the engine would need to be changed to accommodated the added forces. The carb would need to be changed the exhaust should be changed and no one in china wants to spend the money and the costs. One of the reasons HT motors are so cheap/ inexpensive is that all capital investments required for production have been paid off years ago so the cost does not need to be recouped in the engines sold now. When these engine went from 50cc to 66cc they increased by 32% which is about all they can take. To go to 80cc would be a 60% bump from where they where intended with original design. No one would by the 66 and the tools and machinery used to make them would sit idle (a loss of capital investment). The 50cc steal tube (again I'm guessing) if removed probably would then equal 66cc making it possible to make two displacements with only one cylinder size. There are 80cc four strokes made but they cost more are more complex and have less power( generality, yes there are many exceptions)As to the original question from what I've read it's a c@#p shoot as to any real difference in engines from one seller to another, what I can tell you is that the customer service and help are not random engine quality is with these HT . The guy at Pirate always answers the phone and email fast and is helpful. If their engines are better who knows.
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    Well, at least the bores are chrome plated for added durability. Did you know that most consumer grade weed trimmer and blower 2 strokes run their pistons in a plain aluminum bore? They are emissions rated for 50 hours of operation whereas a professional grade trimmer with a plated bore are usually certified for 300 hours of operation. Not to say that you will only get 50 or 300 hours out of the engine, but they will remain emissions compliant for that period.

    IMO, there are differences in the quality between different suppliers - but chef is correct that it is the seller that makes the difference. There isn't much profit in these things considering the small volume, and one siezed engine can wipe out the profit of several units sold. No profit = no motive to even bother with selling them. Most cut rate sellers on eBay state there are no warranties on these engines. They are cheaper because you, the consumer are assuming all risks. The better retailers charge more because they know that there wil be a certain percentage of defects and they have to cover their bottom line. No conspiracy, just plain business facts.
  8. I decided to buy either a morini or a used Italian moped and not mess with these anymore.Maybe It's the tcw-3 outboard ashless oil I use even though It said It was also good for motorcycles and chainsaws.I have no Idea what I am doing anymore.I am going bonkers trying to figure out stuff that should be simple.
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    Look into a Rock Solid Engine kit. work wonders. hit 70kms out of the box.