What kind of engine?



Fred was gracious enough to donate a 2 stroke kit to me. I noticed that the sparkplug is canted forward like 45 degrees. It is not straight up like most of all the other 2 strokes I have seen. Does anyone know why that would be or what kind of motor it is?
Sounds like one of the new generation engines with that angled sparkplugs & that's done mostly to help with clearance issues(supposedly minor performance gain also)....the head should be reversable to slope the SP the other way,giving it more versatility.
http://www.grubeeinc.com/USA/StarFire GEN.htm
BTW...whose Fred & can he donate a kit to me too?
Yeah they are called the starfire generation 2 engines. Or it could just be a new cylinder head put on it. The difference is they are steel cylinders and not chrome lined ones. Also the ports are circles and fit the manifolds. Most of them dont have an intake manifold either, instead the carb is just bolted straight on to the intake port. The angled spark plug is to give better clearance on the top tube of the bike, making it fit a wider variety of bikes.
The carb does NOT just bolt up to the manifold. It has the little intake runner thing. One other question: the spark plug is angled forward. The pics I have seen show the plug angled backwards? Does it matter? I don't want to change the head and switch it around.