What Kind of Motor? (and VIBRATIONS)

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    I have one of those "80cc" china motors and it has been a dream for the last 8 months. I ride my mountian bike with the motor to school everyday. I have had ALOT ALOT ALOT of "challenges" with the bike but solving these has made me alot more efficient with tinkering and I have learned alot.

    Just recently I have had a MAJOR problem, with mounting, I was noticing that the mounting braket was coming loose ( I lost the original bolts b/c of the vibrations of the motor shoke them loose) and so I had a bigger bolt and used washers to space it out. Anyway I tried to tension it more but it was already all the way in and I TWISTED THE END OF THE BOLT OFF! I was at home depot at the time finding parts for a project and the ride home was horible. I had one bolt on the bottom diagonally holding the bracket to the frame and it vibrated my hand off. It hurts alot after a while. '

    That was a month ago and now I have it really snug and tight, with JB weld...but it still vibrates the whole bike like crazy at about half throttle.

    I just cant figure out what is going on. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions or they have had similar experiences.


    Since the bike is my primary mode of transportation, and am planning to build a recumbent bicycle for the experience and for a cross country trip, I was planning to buy a second motor.

    Does anyone have suggestions about a good long distance motor and sprokets (thats, if I get a sproket driven set up and not a on wheel or big loop setup):shock:

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    oops. i dont have a link. and i'm not supposed to discuss here, BUT...inspect every inch of your frame closely for cracks. riding with loose/busted mounts will do that. been there.
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