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    I have been looking at some bike motors for myself, and am having a hard time making a decision. I like the quietness and torque of the rack mounted four strokes, but they seem to lack speed power compared to the 2 stroke frame mounted engines. And I have heard that they may not be the best for long trips because you cannot ride them full throttle all day. Can someone give me some info on the top speed of these motors?

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    Mark.. the...

    Mark.. The 4 stroke Titan can be driven all day and all night for days constant and it will not break a sweat !!! IT will outrun most of the 2 stroker kits out there. Even the 70cc 2 stroke kits. There is no such thing as an 80cc 2 stroke kit.. not from Asia anyway.. It also has a 1 year extended warranty for those that choose it. I do not think you will find a 1 year warranty on any of the 2 stroke kits at all. The 2 strokes will run 35 mph top end.. Typically. There are exceptions that will run a little faster. The Titan will also run 35 typical, I have hit a little over 40mph on mine. My Titan will run 36-38mph all day. No kidding.. Pretty soon, there will be more Titans out there and more feedback is coming. There are great 2 strokes kits out there.. Some Junk too. A good 2 stroke will get you 5000-10000 miles if you treat it nice. 1000 miles if you rag on it. so.. The spread is 1000-10000 miles. Typical when treated nice will be around 5000-6000 miles or so. Then you buy another one. As for the 4 Stroke Titan.. You buy one and it is the last one you ever buy. You only change oil and check valve adjustment once every 2 years. that is it.. But..The 4 stroke is more expensive. About the cost of 1.75 two strokes.. At any rate.. That is the scoop as I know it. Thanks..Enjoy the ride...
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    Okay, so the titan sounds good, but are there bigger gas tanks for it? I think thats the best choice so far. Is there any way to modify this engine to add some more HP?
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    more power?

    If you need more power, then you need a scooter or motorcycle and not a motor assisted bicycle.. Thanks.. Enjoy the ride....
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    Also, keep this in mind: More and more states are legislating motor and operational speed maximums for a motorized bicycle so as to NOT be classified as a motor vehicle (and thus requiring registration, licensing, and possible lighting and other equipment requirements.)

    What they seem to be settling on is:

    less than 48cc displacement
    2 HP or less
    and be operated at speeds less than 20 MPH.

    If you exceed these limits, you do so at potentially high risk... Ref this thread... Our member Torques is going through all kinds of grief.
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    Mark. The Rack mounts come in a variety of sizes, 2-stroke or 4-stroke, and a variety of hp. My impression is that they are all more reliable than the China engines.
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    I do not have a problem with legality, because I have my M1 motorcycle permit, allowing me to legally ride any kind of 2 wheeled device with a motor on public roads. I just prefer motorized bikes because they look so cool, and you can ride them where motorcycles cant be ridden. Thanks for all of the reccomendations.
  8. The japanese made 4 strokers, are definitely designed for the long run. With proper maintenance, and a little common sense, they can give you years beyond all those 2 cycle engines. That has been my experience with small bore 2, and 4 cycle motorcycles anyway. But then again, if you're lookin' for something faster than about 30mph, consider one of these 125cc, or 250cc "scooters" that thousands are riding illegally here in Indiana, without license, insurance, or registration. (I think the authorities are waiting for even more to start riding them, so they can make a lot of money with all the fines, and impounded scooters...lol). At any rate...Good luck in your endeavors! :cool:
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