What not to do on a motorcycle.

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by Samdallas214, Mar 15, 2013.

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    This make me nervous to want to go faster on my bike.
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    I can't watch much of those crashes because it's too painful.

    These crashes are in Russia where most people have dash cams
    because of their insurance policy rules.

    We race on a closed go kart track because we don't want to crash
    into cars and other obstacles on the street.
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    People say I'm crazy but motocross racing is a whole lot more safe than riding on the street. That's because it's a closed course and everyone is going in the same direction.
    Notice how most of those crashes were on wet streets. Go slow when wet! When dry don't even go fast if you don't have a disc brake up front. I had only V brakes and almost ran into the back of a truck. Next day I plonked down $60 for disc brake up front. Made a huge difference.
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    I just so agree guys................,but anything you do is over 50% of how you do it. Also, Jag, what you're saying is very true. With motorcross the danger is created by the rider, street riding there are MANY more possibilities other than what you do or don't do......................:(

    UNO, that video is a huge downer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........but, reality!
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