What's your Favorite Sprocket Size & why?

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    030.jpg Hello everyone.

    I have been doing a lot of experimenting with rear sprocket size lately. Most MBers know that the higher tooth counts gives you better bottom end power but limits top speed. The smaller the tooth counts makes you go faster. The stock size sprocket that comes in most 2-stroke bike engine kits is a 44 tooth.

    My latest build I installed a 36 tooth rear sprocket (I'll have photos up tomorrow). I hate the off the line power but the top speed makes me grin uncontrollably. Since I live in a hilly area 4200 feet above sea leave. It's not the most practical.

    In the past few months I have tried a 36 tooth, 44 tooth, 48 tooth, 49 tooth, 50 tooth, 60 tooth & 62 tooth sprockets. I like the 48 tooth the best. It has better throttle response over stock sprocket. Good off the line power & the top speed is about perfect for a bicycle. The 60 & 62 tooth sprockets are awesome, no need to pedal from a stop. You can grab a handful of throttle over bumps and your on one wheel effortlessly. The down fall is a mad vibration at top speed, even the 50 tooth vibrates some. This vibration is not noticeable with the 36 tooth.

    My runner up is the OE 44 tooth sprocket, very well rounded. I still wanna try a 40 tooth down the road. There should be no doubt that different riding situations and conditions play a major role when upgrading your sprocket. If I lived in Phoenix and commuted I might want a 30 or 36 tooth. Off road and trail bikes need 60+ teeth.

    What's on your bike? 20130822_173505.jpg 20130826_155537.jpg 20130921_135657.jpg 20131001_163737.jpg
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    28 on a 20"

    36 on a 26 for speed

    44 for general use

    anything else has just sat in a box, being ignored... :)