When should headlight be on??

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  1. august

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    On my new NER, when I turn the ignition switch on, I have horn, turn signals, and brake lights.

    I can't get headlight or tail lights. I haven't had the engine running, am waiting on a compression release lever that was broken in transit.

    My manual says head and tail lights will be on when the switch is on.

    Does the engine have to be running to get the head and tail lights to work??

    I have checked connections and fuses, and have found some pretty poor connections due to chintzy bullet connectors. I have corrected those connections I found, but still no head or tail light.

    Any idea?

    Thanks, I will post some pictures of the CVT system and the oil breather thingy when I get back home.

    Thanks August

  2. btf331

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    should work

    It should work when you turn on the the ignition and the run switch.
  3. go-rebels

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    Don't forget to check the bulbs!
  4. august

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    I did check the bulbs, they all read good with a meter.

    It just seems funny that I have turn,horn,and brake lights but not head tail and instruments.

    There is a fuse under the tank, and it is good also.

    Looked into the handlebar switch, all looks good there.

    Any body have a wiring diagram for something this new??
  5. go-rebels

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    I'll post a color coded schematic over the weekend showing "ground" and "hot" when the key is turned "on", the bike is set to "run" but not running. I only need to measure voltages near the ignition circuit (CDI, regulator) to complete the color coding.

    Thanks in advance to KILROY for the original schematic!
  6. Wiring Diagram

    Hi Go-Rebels, it's nice that you would send him the schematic, HOWEVER the NE-r uses the ambassador alternator, headlamp, and who knows what else?

    The diagram MAY help, but as of yet no-one I know has the new diagram. The reason I'm telling you-all this is so there will be less confusion and disapointment, if the colors and paths are not correct.

    Head and taillight should be on all the time (key on) because that is a DOT requirement on newer vehicles, this has been true on Whizzer since 1999.

  7. go-rebels

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    Thanks Mike. I did not notice that he had an NE-"R"! My bad!

    I'll post my colored schematic on a separate posting for the NE5.

    August, this is a new bike, right? Why not have your dealer look at it?
  8. august

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    HI .

    Thanks for the replies.

    I just got off of the phone with Dave at the Whizzer distributor in Carrollton Tx.

    He told me that they changed the wiring on the NE R so that the engine has to be running for the head and tail lights to work.

    They did that to eliminate people forgetting to turn the ignition switch off when they kill the engine with the kill switch. The lights would stay on, and rapidly run the battery down.

    He said he would mail me a copy of the new wiring diagram when they have it finished. The wiring is changed from the NE 5.

    I don't have a dealer near me, the nearest one to Cheyenne is in Loveland Co.which is about 60 miles from me.

    I tried to buy the bike from him, but he had inflated his prices to well over MSRP. He wanted 1850 dollars for the left over NE 5 that he had. Everybody I contacted in other states were selling that bike for anywhere from 1250 to 1500 out the door. He wasn't willing to work with me on shipping or anything else, so I contacted the distributor, and because I don't have a dealer in my area, they sold me the bike at MSRP, and helped me with shipping. Things must be doing pretty good in Loveland, that dealer didn't seem to care whether I bought a bike or not. Probably independently wealthy.I will do without before I pay someone over retail price, especially in this economy.

    I got the bike in 3 working days, delivered to my door.

    Lisa and Dave have been very helpful and friendly, I had a couple of things on the bike that were damaged in transit, and they have sent me the new parts with no argument, no problems.Dave was very helpful describing the electrical system as well. Nice people!!!

    Anyway, that's where I'm at . Thanks for all the ideas, I appreciate it.

    Regards August