Which is a better deal?



Hi I'm looking to have a frame mounted engine on my Schwinn's comfort bike.
I went through alot of threads and search around for a bit, and finds that these two websites seem to have the best deal for a reliable kit.

Quote from kings "You can pedal the bike or start the engine by releasing the clutch lever on the bicycle motor . No rope pulling needed for this motorized bicycle. You can stop or start the engine as you ride."
Does dax's motors have the same capabilities?


If king's 60cc motor wern't sold out, I would get that. But now Im deciding between the 50cc, 70cc, and kings' 80cc. Can you guys help me? Im just looking for something to commute withing 5 mile radius, sometimes 10. What is my best option?


someone hasn't read all the good stuff here about the issues of comparison...try an "introduce yourself" to make friends and get more help.

a king's "80" is about 64cc's of real displacement.

a dax "70" is a 69cc.

ALL "happy-times" operate the same, only difference being pull-start/centrifugal clutch.

now you know a little more.


my kings 80cc version is the best bike engine ive ever used ( the only one ive used) its alot more fun than those 4 stroke horizontal honda mopeds. alot more power, im also very disappointed that the engine is 64cc, thats pathetic.....i bought the engine before i knew about this site, so i thougtht i was getting like 79cc's or 82cc's but that was a waste of time. its still fun though, and legal.