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  1. hello everyone. my name is Ron. i live in Olean new york. its south of buffalo by about 70 miles. i have been a bicycle rider for quite awhile and used to have a ROSS diamond trimetic 26'', that i loved! and rode around for miles everyday. but in the last couple years i stopped riding( and the bike was stolen). i started getting alot of health problems and gained ALOT of weight and it became hard for me to ride. i recently, in the past couple years, started getting into working on cars. mostly old cars. and i own 2 of them. a 1973 chrysler imperial lebaron 4 door hardtop, and a 1974 chrysler newport 4 door sedan. i guess its in my blood to work on mechanical things because my father used to own his own repair shop, and his father owned and ran gas stations. when i was younger, working on cars didnt interest me. but when i picked up a wrench i was hooked! and i really love old cars. and old things in general! so i really enjoy my newly discovered hobby! because of my interest in mechanics i began to see things about putting an engine on a bicycle. and i thought that would be something really neat to work on and have. especially in the crappy winters here in western ny. and my garage is so packed full i have only room to work on small things. so a bike i thought would be perfect. i was thinking about ordering an engine kit almost a year ago, but i got caught up working on my old chryslers and kinda forgot about it. but then just a couple months ago i started looking online at the kits and thinking how cool it would be to have a motorized bike! so i researched for a few days to decide what type kit i wanted to get. i decided to go with a 2 stroke because of the cheaper price and simple construction. then i had to decide what engine kit to order. it came down to either a grubee starfire/skyhawk or a sd stinger. i decided to go with the sd stinger. then because my old bikes have all gotten stolen. i had to go buy a new bicycle. i went to walmart and bought a schwinn delmar. it took me a week or so but i finally got the sd stinger kit all set up on the delmar. since i have been messing with it a bit here and there. and have had some problems. i am still working on getting everything to work right. first i had to deal with wire connections that kept coming loose. then it was the drive chain not having enough clearence and rubbing on the tire. then even though the people who sell the stinger specifically say there blots dont break. i had many bolts and screws either break or strip. next, the connector for the throttle cable on the handle grip broke. made of cheap plastic, like everything else. then my motor wouldnt want to idle unless the cluth was not engaged. and i discovered the motor was running much too rich. and that is what i am currently working on getting straight. i just adjusted the "c clip" to the second notch from the top on the needle (it was on the 3rd). i have yet to try to take it for a ride and start it up to see how it goes. ( we have 5 degree windchill tonight...) but hopefully i have solved the rich problem. it was funny because the first time i got it running, it ran very nice and idled fine. but the next run it was worse, and the third time even worse. and would die out on me. i had to keep taking the plug out and cleaning it of oil. and i believe it was "4 stroking". and it was very hard to start and would sputter and barely start. the only time it felt like it would accelerate good is with wide open throttle. but hopefully with the needle adjustment, and setting the gap on the plug to .022 it will run a little better and leaner. i have also looked into getting some after market plugs, but i am not sure exaclty what ones i can use. i bought a NGK B7HS but it looks as if the reach is longer than the original plug. and im a little nervous to use it and maybe have it hit the piston. i would take the head off and check it that way, but im the type every time i take something apart in never goes back together right! and the guys at the part store dont seem to want to help any. they dont want to bother getting the books out. and because the computers dont show anything for the original plug, that is what they would have to do. im also not sure what type oil is best to use. 2 stokes are new to me. i have bought lucas ( i love lucas products for cars..), valvoline, pennzoil, and some cheap walmart kind. i wanted to get a full synthetic, but the best i kind find is the lucas, which is a synthetic blend. i am using a 16:1 mixture. as that was what the paperwork recomended for break in. and says after 150 miles to switch to 20:1. from looking at a few things i see that a few of you use a much leaner mixture of oil. and this maybe why i keep fouling the plug...? another thing i am not clear about is what octane fuel to use. the paperwork for the stinger says to use 91 octane. which doesnt make alot of sense to me. especially to use it when i am having fouling/running rich problems. because higher octane fuel ignites slower... so i figure 87 would work better. especially in the winter... well i guess this has gotten long enough. i am always very long winded. but if anyone has any advice or comments for me i would much appreciate them. i would also like to hear from anyone who lives in my general area. i see some people are from erie pa. but i hope to find someone from either olean, salamanca, wellsville, bradford... or somewhere close by so maybe we could meet up and discuss these bikes in person. and maybe have someone to ride with. thanks everyone. have a good day.:helmet:

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