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  1. Quenton Guenther

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    Hey guys, waiting to hear about the Whizz In. I have received a few phone calls about the event, but nothing posted or any photos anywhere.

  2. The West Coast Whiz-in

    Hi Quenton I've been lazy (and actually busy, but lazy has a nice ring to it!).

    I don't think anyone else here went, tho I did see Marvin (former mechanic, Whizzer of Long Beach) and his nephew, Tim from Solano (Whizzer Dealer, Benecia CA) and his son, Tim Middleton (bakersfield? Whizzer dealer) and family, my brother (central coast CA whizzer dealer)and his wife, Fred and John Koehnke, Miles Geise (machinist who built my OHV setup) a bunch of orig, and new Whizzer owner/riders, and the usual suspects from California Cushman Club who sponsors the event.

    We got together on Saturday am, cool and clear, signed up, and spun the bicycle-wheel which is a wheel of fortune with cards for the Poker run. On the first hard right hand turn, Tim dumped the new Xcelsior Model 10 with either a mis-mounted front fender, or a short brake cable, due to too short of assembly time to be ready for the ride.

    My model 10 was on display as a bare-steel rolling chassis, tho Tim had powdercoated his, and it was up for the ride. He was thrown from the bike, scraped up a bit, and a bloody nose, but is ok now.

    Middletons bike apparently had an auto-clutch failure of some sort.
    Wifey's bike is auto-clutch, and worked ok, everything of mine is always manual.

    We made 4 stops in the 65 or so miles we rode. spinning the bike wheel at each stop, and me oiling the OHV each time.

    My OHV was running strong enuf, that I do not recall any flathead that would be a challenge to me. I blew past a 4hp Cushman I dummo if he was wide-open or not. I did find Fred's bike to be very fast, I rode with him alot during the run, I don't think I could outrun his bike, and certainly not the Cushman Eagles and other non-Whizzers.

    We had about 15 bikes come in dead in tow vehicles out of about 75 bikes in the field. One pleasant thing was my bike, with my big ol self on it, accellerates uphill!

    Sunday was a swapmeet, and Wife and I sold, I bought red pedal blocks from John K, my brother bought a bicycle (whizzer???) sidecar, and is in the process of fixing it up..

    Next years meet couldn't get here too soon for me.

    I have some pics, but I will need to resize them all.

  3. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Mike, WHAT? you couldn't run with the Cushmans. I always go on the fast rides at the events because I don't have any problems with my flat head Whizzers staying up with the faster machines. My Whizzers easily out perform most of the OHV conversions, but the ones with the special clutches [bi-matic] & modifications[Terry McAllister] can easily leave me. Looking foward to seeing the pictures from the Whiz-in.
  4. Cushmans

    Hi Qeunton, I ran WITH the Cushmans, but could not OUTRUN the Eagles, and some of the Alligators, and especially not the Eagle with the v-twin OMC in it. It seemed that I could eat the early 4hp models, but I dunno. Some of this west coast club runs stock bodies, and who-knows-what under that strange skin. I'm not sure who Terry is, and if he was here. What color is his bike?
  5. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Mike, Are you talking about the Cushmans with the v2 Briggs Vangard motors? I have watched several of the V2 motors climb above 90 MPH on Kenny Thomas Roller Road over the last several years. And people think taking a Whizzer above 50 MPH is crazy, how about the little wheels on a scooter above 90 MPH.... I doubt Terry McAllister was there because he is located on the east coast [IL].
    Looking foward to some of the photos from the event.
  6. A scattering of bikes

    Hi readers, I seem to ALWAYS forget to take pics!!! Here are a few pics I shot at the first "card stop" on the 2007 Whiz-In. After this, I was caught up in the "race" and completely forgot to take any more. This is my 3rd year riding with these guys, so I do know a bit about some of the bikes, so if you have questions, fire away!


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  7. 2007 Whiz-in

    Here are more pics

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  8. Whiz-In 2007 Style

    Even more pics.

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  9. Last of the Whiz-In (I think)

    Here they are including mine.

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    Thanks for the pics
  11. mike I love them photos. I hope one day I well meet you. and ride..
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    Nice looking bikes. Thanks for the pics.