why are all bikes the same.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Bible Man 20, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Bible Man 20

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    Ok this is sort of a rant in disbelief...almost every single bike on here uses a cute little kit that u buy that fits perfectly with no issues at all.why even build a motored bike if the only difference is he bike u put it on?I myself like taking an old piece of junk and attaching it to a cheap piece of junk and making it all work through diaggnosing each problem as i go along and actually use my imagination and creativity...why?....

    well all of you have some very good points that i would have never of thought of!I dont know i tend to try to stay away from spending almost anything on projects like these.I still think kits are ok and i think i may have come down to hard and with ignorange =/ on others builds.I myself am still very green at these types of things so i have no room to talk at all.Im sorry if i offended any of you!

    well, once again i am making a fool of my self through my stupidity.All of these points are very good and i have since changed my ways of thinking.I DO NOT even have a bike that works properly yet so i have no room to talk nor any need to put some1 down even if not intentional.
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  2. Turtle Tedd

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    What you speak of is done here all the time....you just haven't been here long enough to read about everyone's builds....plenty of creativity, imagination and skill here....for sure
  3. fasteddy

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    Bible Man 20, do you have photos of your past triumphs?
    You will be hailed, loud and hearty if you can post them. We all love an innovator.

  4. motorpsycho

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    Well, lets see.....
    the motor kits are CHEAP and you get everything you need to build a motorized bike. altho some of the parts are not of the highest quality. Nuts and bolts can and should be replaced with better quality ones for a few bucks. beleive it or not, there is still some fabricating involved when using one of these kits. It's not like you buy a kit, and have the bike running 30 min. after you open the box.
    NONE of these motor kits will fit perfectly as you say, and there are a ton of issues that come up while putting one together.
    Look around, there are some really cool bikes here (i'm talking about the ones that are all customized, not all the cookie cutter mountain bikes).
    you could get an old motor and try to mount it to a bike frame. then, you'd have to devise /make/buy some sort of clutch set up that would actually work, make some sort of throttle and a cable. Then you'd have to figure out gear ratio and find/make/buy a rear sprocket AND figure out a way to mount it to the rear wheel so that the chain runs straight. I was going to try this with a chainsaw motor, but by the time i figured out the gear ratio, some sort of clutch and finding / getting a rear sprocket made, i'd have had more $$ in it than an entire kit cost me. I understand what you are saying tho, and if you want to go that route, it's your choice to do so. Maybe you have the abilty to mill your own parts...not many of us do. I like to make a lot of my own parts and make custom parts from stuff that i find laying around, but sometimes it's just easier to just buy a kit, and modify it. getting all the parts at one time makes it a lot easier in my opinion. i mean, you can buy a complete 80 c.c. kit for a little over $100.00.

    Did i mention that the kits are cheap? heck, even if you blow one of these 2 strokes up, you can buy a complete brand new motor for like $60.00. there's a bunch of places that make speed parts for these motors too.
    buying a kit is the easiest and cheapest way to build one of these bikes, but it's when someone takes the kit, and makes their own custom parts that will set their bike apart from everone elses.
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    saying all bikes are the same would be like me going to church and saying all bibles are the same.
    Anyway its a low cost hobby to me and fun too
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    It's simple; not all of us have the time, tools, ability, etc to engineer our own drivelines.

    If it's nothing more than a rant, then I guess that's okay. We all do it from time to time.

    I'm puzzled about why it would anger you, though. (Or did I mis-understand?)
  7. HoughMade

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    My friend, I look forward to see your up and running and reliable home built setup. I mean, you must have completed several from-scratch builds to take the attitude you have. So lets see them.

    I, however, will not apologize for starting with a kit. I made a choice the fact that is is not the same choice you made means nothing to me. I hope you find the information you seek here.

    BTW- your first post spoke of this being the only place you have found with info. on this topic and about the site being friendly. I agree with that...so you might consider joining the community and being a bit more friendly yourself.
  8. Happy Valley

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    That was quick.


    Do unto others.......Bible Man.
  9. azbill

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    I too, wait to see your made from scratch motored bike !!!
    after a post like that, it had better be amazing :(
  10. Are you kidding? Not everyone has the shop, fabrication skills, welder, tools, experience, imagination, or time to build a motor bike from a pile of tubing and a lawn mower. Do you totally design, bend, weld, and build your own frames? Some here do, you know. To treat with contempt those who purchase a bike and a kit instead of fabricating a bicycle and the drive system to motorize it is unfairly judging others without knowledge of their circumstances. You have proven yourself to be a very narrow minded person indeed. As to your "creations", would you care for a little contest comparing your cobbled together MBs to my well engineered kit built MB for endurance, safety, speed, acceleration, stopping distance, hill climbing ability, comfort, and legality?
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    Awww, Mike, now you've scared him off.
    I was looking forward to seeing if Mr. Wonderful could produce proof.

  12. augidog

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    to me, the "insult" seems either intentional or completely innocent...but some of the responses...we know who we are, so why bother?

    there's one positive perspective to "such a large percentage" of MB's looking the same..."standardization"...meaning anyone can get into it, and all they need is bike engine pliers hacksaw scrap-metal nutnbolts...and intitiative.

    i'm not popular for my opinions about certain MB-things, but you'll never hear of me criticizing any person's sincere effort at whatever level they can "afford"...

    now, if we could just get them to "all look the same" when it came to
    things like brakes & lighting, i'd be a happy bubba :cool2:
  13. WhizBangAndy

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    Hmm bolt on to any bike?? Maybe he lives in china where these DO fit on most bikes without modification..:dunce:
  14. fm2200

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    I agree with Augi, this is the first time I have ever read a post quite like that. I believe that most guys don't really care if this guy thinks were simple. Or if this web site is to fundamental, lacking any real intelligence, I'm ok with that because I feel this is a fun way to get around. If really feels this way there's not much else to say.
  15. bluegoatwoods

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    I notice that the OP has edited the original post, taking our criticisms into account.

    It looks as though he really meant to declare his own aspirations rather than putting the rest of us down. He just didn't say it very well.

    That's forgivable. I sure do know that I've made similar mistakes. There's probably more in my future, too.

    So c'mon in and join the community bibleman.
  16. 210061741

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    I myself love the HT Kit.
    If you are looking for a callenge it will give you one.
    There are tons of room for improvments.
    And to get what you really want from it takes alot of creativity.
    And when you screw it up doing something stupid.
    I'ts cheap to fix.
  17. Slackbiker

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    I am more in to customizing the bike than the motor. I use my motorized bike on tour, so the simpler the better. I'm pretty sure a jerry-rigged system would have far more manintenance issues (especially for me).
  18. I'm pretty new at this myself and I was explaining my new-found obsession with someone I work with. I basically said that I've wanted to do something like this for a few years now. but, I never knew that these kits existed or that these forums existed either. I just found it about a week ago.

    I told my friend that the engineering had been done already (for the most part) and now I get to take a proven design as a starting point and build upon that to make me a bike that I want. Rather than worrying whether a specific part would work, let alone last for any time, I can spend my time imagining my dream bike in my head and see it to fruition.

    This will be my first motorized bike and I pretty excited about starting it. Just purchased a Huffy Cranbrook Fashion Edition and I don't know who's idea it was to paint it that aweful green but, it won't stay stock for too long! :ack2:
  19. augidog

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    yes! i kept building the bike 'til i was satisified, then i figured out how much engine i needed...what a blast this motorsport is..."more from less" rocks my world :cool2:
  20. Hawaii_Ed

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    To many, the happy time motors are considered cheap junk :) I took my nearly 10 year old commuter bike, added the happytime kit, and took it about as far as I thought I could. My build has a lot of personality, and I assure you, it is still different than many you see.

    Still, I see your point. The path more frequently traveled is easy to follow. Jumping on the bandwagon is not hard. Trail-blazing your own build takes some major time and talent, and I just wanted to ride :D