Wilderness Energy hub motor versus Crystalyte Sparrow

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by barrynof, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. barrynof

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    I have narrowed my search for a motor for my bike to these two choices. Which of these would you guys choose? Please, give me all the possible reasons behind your choice. Thanks.

  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    more crystalytes are on the road
    they have a very good rep
    wilderness, not so much

    the last I bought was a crystalyte 408
  3. skyl4rk

    skyl4rk Guest

    I have a Wilderness Energy brushed 36V. I had to replace the connectors and rack. The kit has been durable and still works after 3 years. It is a low end kit but has served pretty well for the price.

    With any electric bike, the most important part is how you mount the batteries and the quality of your connectors and switches.

    If you can, find out if you can run the kit on 48V. 48V has much better power than 36V. I was able to just add a battery in series and it has not blown the controller. Word on the street (visforvoltage, endless-sphere) that the brushed controllers can handle at least 48V.
  4. toleroy

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    Do not get a brushed motor kit. Go to the crystalyte brushless motor it's quieter and has more torque for those hills and acceleration. A 407 at 48 volts 20ah controller will do 44kph 27mph with me 220lbs equip 75 to 100lbs in an Diamond frame upright pulling a 2 wheel trailer, no peddling. A little faster with a Bob Yak single wheeled trailer same weight.
    At 36 volts the 407 did 32kph 20mph with same weight and trailers but lagged (slowed down) on uphills and acceleration
  5. toleroy

    toleroy New Member

    A 48 volt pack charges to around 56volts. A 36v pack to around 42volts
  6. Ypedal

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    The sparrow is also a brushed motor...

    That said.. avoid both brands of brushed and go Brushless instead.

    In Wilderness Energy world this is " BL " for Brushless and " BD " for Brushed

    Crystalyte from electricrider is " Road Runner " for the brushless model ( I always have to look at their site as i can never remember the funny names.. .. )

    I agree on the 48v vs 36v, go 48 with a hub motor.. 36v is ok but not nearly as much fun. I run my daily driver at 90v !!! hehe.. crystalyte 409 in a 20" wheel .