Will this bike fit a 4 stroke Honda engine?



:cool:Mad, i would say no, but i could be wrong. the only guaranteed answer would be to have access to that bike and the HONDA engine, and to trial-fit the combo. this also looks more like a MB triangular-type frame more than a comfort/hybrid/cruiser frame, which has "bulging" top and bottom tubes.
i could be wrong, but then my 80cc 2-stroke engine is 7.5" long, 4.625" wide and 8.5" high(without sparkplug). in comparison, the HONDA engine is 10.8" long(+3.3"), 7.7" wide(+3.075") and 13.9" high(+5.4").
the 4-stroke Grubee engine mounting plate is flat. unsure if the plate is versatile enough to pivot forward/aft to facilitate the HONDA'S mounting. maybe the GRUBEE mounting plate won't work, because the HONDA engine is 3" wider than the chinese 2-stroke engine.
then again, the plate might be the correct size, because the 4-stroke chinese engine is wider than my engine.
then there's that rear disc brake system to contend with.
hopefully someone with more knowledge will pass this way.
good luck,

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Irish John

Will it fit?

I think it would have no chance of fitting on that bike in the picture. I think they are made to fit cruiser style bikes like Schwinn Cruisers or Electras or the cheap Chinese copies of the American classic cruiser frame. I presume you are talking about frame mounting the engine (V-mounting we say in Oz).
I hope the cruiser will fit the Honda cos I've just spent Aus$500 buying the cruiser! Now I'm finding out how to get the best 4-stroke rig. See my thread:


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I'm going to say the answer is maybe. When I was looking at various bike frames for my project using the Honda GXH50 I made a 10in. cube out of cardboard and and took it with me when I was looking at the various bikes.
The dimensions that 5-7 lists are the dimensions of the Motor including the Top mounted gas tank. You won't be using this type of tank in a frame mounted set up. So the overall height of the engine as mounted is 10 in.
The width 5-7 mentioned does not include the added width of the Grubee reduction gearbox. With the gear box attached I believe the width is 9 & 1/2 in. The long/fore and aft dimension includes the stock box muffler that comes with the engine, again in a Frame Mount this muffler is usually removed and a pipe with muffler attached is added instead. I don't understand what the (+ dimensions) are in 5-7's post? What I percieve to be the limiting factor with the bike you are considering is the straight down tube, forcing you to have to mount the engine higher in the frame than you would in a Cruiser type frame with a curved down tube. Most cruisers are based on a frame that measures 18 in. at the seat tube, So you just may be able to make the engine fit.



I would say definately NO...not with that 17'' frame and even if u could go to a 19'' frame it would be a really tight squeeze.Factor in the base that the engine needs to sit on.

Irish John

Now that I've fitted a 4stroke I can tell you it won't fit the frame - even if you got a 21" frame of that model it won't fit. Saves you having to chuck out the rear disc brake if it had fitted.