Wireless indicators, A MUST HAVE!

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    Dont know if you guys in the states can get these, but we've picked up a set of "Bicygnals" indicators. These wireless bad boys are fantastic and conform to our UK Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations and provide a decent headlight built in. Battery operated with carry case, cost £34.95 so around $60, pricey but worth it. Pics attached of them installed on my personal machine. Have used an old rear reflector mount to mount them on rear of pannier. Mounts supplied connect to saddle stem.

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    I like those light THINGS
    they look good in appearance
    and they even look fast -- kind of JETSONS fast -- super cool

    if I decide to add turn lights -- some of the best I've seen so far

    MB riders may ask of you -- if you can post the sales site

    thank you for sharing and please feel free to go and

    ride that MB thing with turn lights on it
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    Thanks for the tip! Mine are on the way. Actually works out to be about $72 for shipping here to the states. But still that is a pretty good price for what it is. I walked the aisles of Interbike looking for just such an item and came away wanting. However I did see some funky lighting there and one in particular that was just a bright white light in a clunky casing that attached to the seat tube and did nothing other than glow was $99 retail.

    Also milegajo I went by your blog and saw that you are doing an ethanol/oil fuel. More of the details posted here would be appreciated if you have the time to share?
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    Yeah, i run my bike on menthanol mixed 40:1 with peanut oil. Smells like stir fry!! no mods bar moving the needle clip to the lowest notch as menthanol needs more fuel to burn. As a precaution against corroding the tank i drain it if bike is not in use. Initial engine inspections do not indicate any abnormal wear even after 100 plus miles.
    Runs cooler and no smoke at all. Up steep hills and full throttle, performance is slightly degraded but not so much as to consider switching back to the devils broth!
    On a cold day, ignition can take longer, but again not much more than normal unless fuel has been left and settled in carb, but same happens to regular satans brew.
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    There is a book out here in the US called "Alcohol Can Be A Gas" by David Blume that in the chapter on small engines describes a way to capture the heat off your exhaust via a shield that channels it directly in to the intake of your carburettor. In that line he also has a small hole to inject ether for cold starting that can be closed off when operating. I wish I had a scanner to share this with you but it is really a pretty simple setup.

    Also you would get more power by upping your compression ratio. This is achieved by getting the piston as close to the head as possible, a simple way is to mill the bottom of the jug itself after measuring how much is necessary for removal.

    And there is nothing wrong with stir fry!
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    I appreciate the pointers mabman, have read up alot on this and there are many posts of people shaving off this, rejetting that and generally getting themselves in a pickle. In my experience, aside from slight tweaking in respect of the needle and choke, very little needs doing as the downers are minimal and i'm happy to accomodate them.

    What i really wish is our government would reward users of carbon free vehicles. i.e rebates etc methanol and peanut oil costs £1.35 a litre which is roughly the same as diesel costs us.

    Currently we're also fighting an uphill beaurocratic battle to get these classified like the old autocycles, with their own vehicle classification. At present we have to jump through a thousand hoops to get them registered so we can pay tax!! definitely not worth it. The police actually don't know/care about them so they leave us alone unless they find someone acting dangerously.
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    Waiting on the government is a dead end street. It is time that we start looking out for ourselves. Make your own. http://running_on_alcohol.tripod.com/
    I like the fact that you can use beer leavings......
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    they're ok...

    I have these lights and as of right now they are broken/malfunctiong. I have a few complaints about them. First of all if you are going to use the mounts that come with them I highly reccomend you somehow secure the light unit to the mount in a more permenent way than thoes little black tabs. I found that when traveling around 30mph, if you hit a bump the lights can fly off. Next, the lights arnt very useful in the daytime especially, when they are in direct sunlight because the blinkers simpaly arnt bright enough. Also, you can never tell when the thing is blinking, since there is a sort of colored plastic window to the blinker chamber on the top of the front light unit. the sunlight is always shining directly on it so its hard to tell if it is lit, unless you shield your hand over it and stand directly over it or if it's a cloudy day, and yes there is no sound. My final complaint is that they are not to be exposed to rain, but, that is said in the manual so I guess you can't have everything.

    Just my experience with these lights. Personally I stick to the reflective jacket, and a blinking reflector wrist slip-on if I ever need to go out at night.
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    CHEESE i agree with you about them in daylight hours, but these things work the bomb once the sun goes down, unless you mount a proper scooter, motorbike setup to your bike you will never have a setup clear enough in the daytime hours.

    Yes the snap on clips are pretty sad as well, i use some rubber fastners from the hardware store to secure mine a $1 fix and i can still take them off when i go shopping and lock up my rig. As far as rain am still waiting for some its been 5 years since we had a good downpour!!!!

    Overall i am still impressed by them but if only they had built a built in brake light then they would be the bomb :rockon:
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