Won't start. Please Help.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jay Bhavsar, Jun 26, 2010.

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    Starting problems

    Welcome to MBc ! now from what I see your trying to start it hard so try this as soon as the motor starts pull in your clutch and see if the motor still runs if it dose then you will need a larger chainering on the rear wheel
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    I'm on dial-up, so it'll take a while for the video to download. Meantime, how are you using the choke?
    Best to try one attempt to start on full choke, (it'll pop and sound like it wants to start), then a second attempt with the choke right off and it should start.

    I fixed your link:-
    2 stroke engine bike. Starting Problem (Youtube 9:29)
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    That sprocket(s) is no go. You'll need a much larger one.
    With that ratio, the engine is belwo idle when you're trying to start it.

    Try on a very steep hill.
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    wrong Idea.

    Looks like your freewheel just wont cut it. You need a cog made just for that motor. I have a 36 tooth and sometimes I have problems. The stock ones you get in the kit are usually 44 teeth. I also don't see how a 415 chain would work on even a old freewheel because they don't have the same pitch. So save up some cash and order a new rear cog and learn how to put it on or get a new rear wheel with a disk brake adapter and good luck.

  6. AussieSteve

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    Mike, I thought that multi-speed chain was also 1/2" pitch, just narrower.
    (Just the same, I wouldn't try to use that setup, even if the chain did stay on.)

    I was sort of kidding about the hill. That gearing would work on hills but not on the flat.
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    Welcome to the forum JB! We have a lot of Great Guys here, you should have no trouble Buying, selling , and trading! Not to mention the wealth of knowlege here to tap into! Good luck on your projects!