Woohoo I got my Whizzer



Woohoo I',ve been wanting a Whizzer forever and finally got to order one From Bill Green the Vancouver Washington Whizzer Dealer Yesterday.The Motor will be slightly modified and I'm blacking some of the Chrome out to match the Black paint.Also ditching the White walls in favor for a set of black walls with a red strip like the 60's Muscle cars had. And changing the back tail light to a reproduction Model A Ford light.My Girlfriend also Got her Whizzer Ambasador ordered. We plan on taking them to the Rally in Ocean Park washington at the end of August.I'll post pictures as soon as I get it home.
I want one too.

But seriously,congratulations!

One day I will know what it's like myself.
LOL....It took me 2 yrs to get it and i still have my board tracker with the happy time motor in it.
Cool. I've never seen a Whizzer in person. Glad to hear you'll be going to Ocean Park. I look forward to seeing your rides.
Congrats on the Whizzer.
You will love it. They always draw a crowd when you go riding. Mine is a 2000 WC-1 26 inch with the NE upgrade and the autoclutch. Just a pleasure to ride. I wish I could get a new Ambassador but my wife would kill me.

lol....yea it will be nice be able to ride one or the other.The only draw back is the ambassador has to be licensed as moped due to the fact it has no pedals and is electric start.
In Pa the WC-1, NE Whizzer, and the Ambassador need to be registered as a motor driven cycle because of the horse power.

Yea in Oregon if I understand it right if it has pedals and does 25 mph or slower it doesn't need a license.I'll end up getting mine license eventually due to the fact Bill Green said it should be able to do 50 to 55 mph after he gets done tweaking the motor.