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  1. I bought a motorize kit from a 212 cc everything clandenscent sales put it on the bike 3 inches away from the seat my nuts sit from a 900 degree muffler not 1 goddamn effort put out in my behalf its gonna happen second to third degree burns and most likely amputatation! Product Liability galore don't buy unless your master mechanic with remedies this is going to a lawyer see whats owed!

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    Fabricate a heat shield
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    Chestnuts roasting near an open throttle.
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    Wear tighter shorts
  5. Okay poets, its going back i the mail in the morning hopefuly retail ground for 40 bucks. Lets face it you want a motorize bicycle because you hate bicycling! I hate the hell out of it this is my third time burned on Shanghai motors had 49 cc friction flop on an old lobotomy and head shock on how to escape from Zootah as a child 80 cc mix oil & gas in a pesticide jug that kille the magic chines bug thats in the metal the 212 cc too big even to sit on if the company refuse satisfaacttion of claim filing with product liability lawyer for malicious & viscious wanton mishap there is a preponderance of eveidence there lawyer will see obvious and will decline to deefend them. My thoughts squnted to get to motor took some doing next step factory ready to ride with a shine of pride 150 to 200 cc scooter does 65 to 70 mph has disc front brakes drum rear brakes head lights stero for $700 to $800 bucks never got the grary matter up to think further up it would only take 2 or 3 weeks more of saving to buy freedom from this agonizing torment of build it yourself bike guess kit!
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    212cc for a first build is difficult... gluck with the scooter
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    Fun writing!
  8. Shop around mopeds scooters bicycles are design for 3 to 8 mph adding weight speed may get you killed 55mph on bicycle is insane mtorcycles have much more denser frames look at the moped just 50 cc and NO PEDALS so it means someone has research away to get power out of it my 80cc Shanghai piece of sh*t had to pedal 4 times that pedal assisted go straight to hell why should I pedal a machine why don't it propel me getting ready to talk on the phone to lawyers to sue and iprison this last mayhem motor bike company trying maybe not to make a profit to burn my genitals off but to get get some church secret prophecy or some some goddamn reptilian amphibian insectoid genocide trip in.
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    Sorry, it actually hurts trying to read and understand this.
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    Might help if you dont slide your nuts on the muffler getting on and off the bike!!! LOL!
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    I'll translate the last long post:
    "Consider that scooters and mopeds are designed for low speeds because speed kills. Going fast on a bicycle is unwise as those frames are not designed like motorcycles.
    Note that mopeds run on 50cc motors that require no kind of pedaling assistance so some very bright engineers have solved the problems that we see recur in the 66cc Chinese motors.

    My most recent build requires pedaling at start and I find this quite frustrating. Perhaps I shall telephone my lawyer to sue this unscrupulous Chinese motor manufacturer for a product that runs poorly and is inherently dangerous.

    They should not be allowed to do business."
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  12. There is nothing wrong with my shitty slava the problem is with your fagit brain function!
  13. I agree sue, f**k, what a dream a lawyer would take your case and eat the forbidden fruit from the golden pear tree growing on the grassy sunny slope. Not f***ing one out of dozen for gross neglic will take the case it would solve problem I tried contacting liability lawyers they shiver at defending my balls in court its embarrissing here too a meyham motor bike company can get away with it. There out of state I half to pay Hawaiian air lines to fly in, but will they appear in court then I might half to pay for hotel and return flight. I feel they have no leg to stand on and an out of court settlement. By the way the f***ing meyham motor guess kit is on the way back to the butcher company.
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    Now that's some funny $#!+ right there!
    You did it again internet tough guy!
  16. The 50cc's will do about 30-35 mph. And don't really have the power to climb up hills.

    The 150cc's will do about 50-55 mph and can get up most inclines.

    The 200cc's do about 60-65 mph, and can get up most inclines.

    The 260 can do about 85 mph and can go up most inclines and is freeway legal.
    Sorry if this is a repeat had trouble pasting.
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    Change your name to Sue.
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    nuts got roasted
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    I still want one:)
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    late night entertainment
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