Yet another new motorized bicycle owner!

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    Hello, my name is Chris Wicher and I live in Williamsburg, Virginia. Unfortunately my interest in motorized bicycles was derived from getting a Dui and losing my license for an entire year. However, now that I have the bike I'm wanting to get into it to make it a viable form of short transportation.

    I'm not a backyard mechanic by any means. I change my oil in my car and do basic repairs that don't require an engine lift. I've never really looked at the simple design of a bike and sought out to understand all the specific odds and ends. So in other words, I'm a little behind the eight ball on the mechanics portion of it.

    Having said that, I'm looking forward to learning everything there is to know about motorized bicycles. I look to better my mechanical knowledge of them to the point where I can put one together from scratch. I'm a forum junky, so I'll be on these forums constantly looking to you professionals for some guidance. I look forward to my time here.

    - Chris -

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of motored bicycling. Get your hands dirty and develop your machine into something you can be proud of.
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    Welcome to the forum. These engines are far less complex than a contemporary car engine. I think you are going to enjoy building, customizing and riding a motorbike.
  4. well your at the right place and all engine do have instructions so there is no need to worry welcome
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    well cwicher if you want something kinda easy to start with you might consider friction drive it would be a good start if you arent mechanicly inclined im not spelling inclined either so forgive me it is just a few bolts and it is pretty reliable what i've heard i have never used one i think i would have been better off with one myself but welcome and enjoy