you guys are probably going to laugh at me but...


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May 27, 2008
im at the point where insurance, fuel and upkeep are becoming too much to handle, i love to go for rides, just to get out of the house.
i have 2 dogs, a beagle shepherd mix 70lbs and a mastiff 140lbs.
needless to say they love bye byes lol
ive discovered motored bikes and im thinking of building a trailer so i can ride around my block.

ive got a couple of blueprints and a couple of links to the main parts im going to buy.

heres the trailer im planning on building
and the kit to build it from

and here is the hitch/coupling system ive devised.

please let me know if you find anything unsafe in my design, or even if i just crazy lol
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hi; i think it is people like you who are going to help us all get through this life. i am thinking of building a pusher. good luck and good bye bo diddley.
I think the biggest problem is its width. I think it would slow traffic. You would be pulling A LOT of weight that would slow down the best of the motor kits. Can you narrow it to 2 1/2' to 3'? Have you though of using 2 of these type of rigs in line?
Your only crazy about you dogs. Have 70 lb. chow/rot.
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I think your biggest problem is going to be bumps on those 4 fixed wheels. Should probably go with a 2 wheel system, and probably 2 20 inch bike wheels at that.

Then you're going to have to worry about your "livestock" moving and changing the tongue weight all around.

Not insurmountable. Look at horse trailer designs for inspiration.
LOL.. :D

newbie, Its like you read my mind.

I have 3 dogs: a 25lb beagle, a 40lb shepherd mix, and a 175lb english mastiff. I was also contemplating building a trailer for my dogs to join me on my rides. It'd definitely have to be a sturdy one for the mastiff, thats for sure.

I laugh thinking about how funny it would look to see my mastiff sitting on the trailer enjoying a ride down the street.

What about a tricycle design? two wheels in the back & a steerable one in the front to distribute the load & allow turning. Build it kinda like a low-boy style bicycle trike so that the pooch's weight will be down low. With the big wheels, it would have minimal drag. The frotn wheel would tie to your rear wheel and just follow wherever your bike goes.
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I hope you have some heavy duty brakes in mind to stop safely.
Sliding off topic but my aunt used to drive an s10 pickup with bench seat with two huge dogs always fighting to look out the driver's windows etc.

She said she was safe b/c of her "dual hairbags". :D
I have a Golden Retriever and chickens out when hears loud sound. I wonder how it will be like to have her on this type of trailer.