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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Speedy Vasiles, May 10, 2012.

  1. Speedy Vasiles

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    If anyone knows that Zbox is great. I'm looking to purchase a 48cc motor and just want to know if they are good quality and work good.:thinking:

  2. Spanner

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    I have had a zbox unit for over 4 years, it gets used all the time. cannot fault it, it still pulls hard up hills and is great fun. the only parts replaced was the throttle (wore it out) and fuel tap. replaced the tap with a victa mower fuel tap.
  3. Anton

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    I purchased a secondhand Zbox 66cc from another member on this site and it's going great. I'm not exactly sure how old it is but it looks like it's done a bit of work.


    Just got back from a 20km ride today and no problems, except the weather because it started raining! Cruising speed with the current setup is 40km/hr. It gets up hills really well. You still have to pedal a little bit up very steep hills but the motor does all the hard work.
  4. gothicguy64

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    hi speedy

    did u know that theres dll in milperra .look em up in ebay

    or theres gasman in penrith or easybike in atarmon

    mind u ,i have a rock solid engines 48cc.....sbp exhaust an shiftkit

    all on a cell bike mtx2

    guess where i live ?