I have a serious question

So if I go by the break in and ride it easy for a while you think that motor will do good. So many bad reviews on it
Dang I'm really leaning towards the phantom now. I'd like to cruise to work at 30 to 35
Depending if I am on a flat or going up hills, I regularly cruise at 30 to 35 MPH quite effortlessly at a quarter throttle and rarely ever need to go more than half throttle with the P-85.
So many bad reviews on it
Those issues have been resolved with the V-3...Mine is the V-2...I rectified the ring snag issue myself on the V-2 when putting it together, the V-3 came out with that issue resolved.

The issue from the V-1 to the V-2 was because they were using a bushing on the wrist pin where the crank connects to the piston instead of a needle bearing...The V-2 rectified that issue by using the needle bearing instead of the bushing.
The only issues I would look for is the same issues I would look for in any motor...Check to make sure that the stator is centered between the magnets underneath the magneto cover, also, if yours comes with the red, clay coloured clutch pads, replace them with the black and white clutch pads as the clay like ones burn right out with the P-85, and always, with any motor kit, flip the bottom end upside down over a piece of paper to check if there are any loose metal filings in the crankcase that frequently happen with any of these when they drill out the four stud holes into the case.

Do these things and check any bolts for looseness just like any other motor before installing the piston and cyliner to the bottom end.

There are 15 clutch pads, and yes, they can be bought 15 at a time from Amazon for $8.15, but I prefer to buy them for 10 bucks in a bag of 60 for the same black and white pads...lol.

At this time, I have 3,000 miles or so on my clutch pads and I still havent needed to adjust my clutch any as of yet....Just get rid of the red ones as they are junk.

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So I need to order it off bicycle engine. Com?
Yep...lol...I always use their phone number to order though, they always answer and they have a 6 month warranty on all of their motor kits.

(406) 586-5970 Just tell them your a member of this forum and "Robb" From Alamogordo NM, a forum Moderator as well as other forum members sent you their way...There is strength in numbers you know...lol...They treat us quite well.

And NO, I do not get any kickbacks from them...lol...I pay full price just like anyone else...lol.

Ok my friend thanks for all the info, I will keep you informed. I'm also about to pull my bike berry engine off my bike and do some port work and balancing. Maybe put a little more pep in it's step lol. Probably will get a cruiser bike soon for the p85, I got my eyes on this chrome genesis for it