I have a serious question

I got my eyes on this chrome genesis for it
Please show the URL link for what your thinking of putting it on...I use the steel frame Hyper beach cruiser frame myself...Here is the "tutorial" I wrote in exactly how I built mine and where I sourced my parts from etc. etc.

That is engine only.
REALLY???...Looks like a complete kit to me...That is once you see a URL link rather than just a screenshot pic of an item...Thats another reason why I do not like relying on screenshots that people show here rather than providing the actual URL link.

Yeah I have all the things needed to put on a bike, just need a bad a$# engine. It's the wildcat engine 5hp ported from cmb or the ph85 V3. Can't decide!!! Need a good reliable but strong to take me to work, 20 miles a day