10.000km/3 speed gearbox/hub

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    10.000km w. 3 speed gearbox/hub

    hi from new zealand, just done 10. 000km in 12 month with 120.000 meter (120km) 'up and down'
    on a 31ccm honda gx with a reductionbox and a 3 speed sturmer archer copy (shimano) gearboxbox/hub.... on a 15 year old 'gt rst' (power through chain drive, of course, only way to go...see motorcycle history....don't need to reinvent the wheel....) ....yeeeha ( YEEEEEHAAA). done some epic missions offroad, ride weekly from sealevel to 800 meters above sealevel (middle of summer, middle of day=sorts the 'good setup out from the bad ones'), and do weekly a daily trip of 150km, on top of the rest.... (its my only vehicle at the moment....) the 'second hand 3 speed box' lasted 6500km until the first gear gave up (in the middle of a '6 hour singletrack epic'.... up and down....) and replaced it with parts from another hub. good to know that its not the most used gear (third) that goes first,meaning, one can carry on....(e.g. for expedition use....) anyway, about to create 'mark 2' but can't tell you more until its finished. however, having ridden on an old bmw motorbike to the northern and southern most motorcycle rally on earth..... (norway and nz (but not overland from one to the other, (i planned to do that but the embassy of iran (25 years ago when in war with iraq) stole my passport....) and 10.000km in 2 month on my longest trip....ra ra...., my point being that there is no point hanging around the year 1900 when the 'Bicycles with motor dudes' were about to invent the 2 speed and then the 3 speed gearbox. (do you hear of any 'one speed motorcycle' today?) if you want to go somewhere, anywhere, ' you NEED a gearbox and 3 speed is the minimum (8 speed better, rohloff 14 speed' would be awesome (would only use the 8 top gears on the road....) so boys: 'get at it',
    and 'go hard', because: 'one speed sucks'. also: electric bikes.....what can i say.....put it this way: i carry 2 alu bottles with fuel on the bike, which gives me alltogether 2 litres that lasts 120km and i can fuel up 'anywhere' (!!!!), and can still lift my BMOTO over gates and fences etc. but when you run out of electric juice you are f....ked (same for 'pluck in' cars), you know what i mean.... not even to talk about '2 strokes, having to mix fuel and oil every time you fuel up....and the oil being blown into the air with every stroke..... and noice.... vibration....etc. thats why nobody, but the hardcore extreme offroad mx boys using 2 strokes these days (and road racing GP 250ccm etc. having to change to 4 strokes....)
    ....ok, ok....more later.... - "Fundamentally, we work to create, and only incidentally do we work to eat" -(Willis Harman and John Hormann)
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    G'day Alexander & welcome to MBc.
    Really nice setup....you'll have to post pics & give us a closer look.
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    is the three speed in the jackshaft?
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    Sure l;ooks like that to me as well..
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    It looks to me that the engine is tranversely mounted,then drives the SA type hub through a helical or more likely a worm gear.The hub in turn drives the wheel via a chain reduction