12 volt led & resitor

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Stoltzee, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Here's a 12 volt driver for an LED, which I haven't found yet. Need one to mount in a classic bike light. Anyone know what those 2 prongs are for?
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    12v is convenient but for $4 i can get 100 ultra bright leds and a pack of resistors...

    that prong thing with the cap is a rectifier/regulator i believe.

    you find it inside the LED downlight replacements.MR16. just rectifies AC12v into DC at an appropriate voltage for the LED's.

    the prongs stick through the case and plug into the socket.
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    Thanks Gyro, Think I'll go with the ones with the diodes already attached. I'm trying to put a few lights in my headlight, so I have some decent light, and doesn't draw a lot of power. I started with 12 volt, so I'm rather stuck with it now.
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    the 4watt MR16's are amazing ;) trickiest part i find is mounting them. very hard to find good holders that wont fall apart. the convenience of just plugging into 12v and not worrying about polarity helps. i had one magneto that worked with them on the HT, but no others since.

    $4 on fleabay i was finding them...

    on standard 5mm leds, 180 to 220 R for the resisitor at 12v. 180R more bright, 220R more suited to auto thats really 14.4 ish volts.

    for plain usability, try mounting lights as low as possible. personally, at least, with helmet mounted LEDs, i cant distinguish shadows/depth, therefore speed. potholes, or obstacles. everything goes this monochrome blue white colour...

    and then, the "cree" or "luxeon" LEDS are far superior to plain old 5mm. depends...do you want to see, or simply be seen? you need a fair few of those pre wired/resistored ones to make a decent spotlight.
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    Thanks, I try not to ride at night, but it can happen. In this state its required to have a day time light for visibility. Sounds like you've had some experience with the LED's. Thanks for the knowledge. I'm looking at the MR16's now.

    Thanks again.