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    Following on the Huffy (Huffman) thread that Uncle_punk13 posted, I've just started the restoration of a late 1940s Huffman woman's bike for a friend of mine. I haven't determined the year or model yet, but I'll post those once they come to light. I'll be working on this bike for the next week or two, as I need to deliver it to my friend on June 5. Below are a couple of "before" shots:
    http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z21/KilroyCD/My Bikes/100_0520.jpg
    http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z21/KilroyCD/My Bikes/100_0521.jpg
    I'll be posting updates as I go along. Right now the bike has been reduced to a pile of parts, ready for stripping and refinishing. Stay tuned...

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    Aint' that sweet?

    I recently bid on a 1949 model on ebay. I dont' remember the brand, but it looked just like that. It ended up selling for more than $400.00 (430 or 450, I think.)

    I guess I wouldn't ride it, but I sure would like to see one of my daughters riding it.
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    serial #

    Huffy is now part of Spalding, but I used to be able to get the make and model from the serial number by emailing them. They would send color copies of their original catalog pages of the specific model... If you take down he serial numbers, go here:
    explain you are doing a restoration on the Huffman, and be sure to include your mailing address. I'm not sure now that they've been assimilated if this is still a service they offer, but you can surely try... :)
    Hope this helps!
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    Actually, dating a Huffman or Huffy is not all that difficult. The serial on the one I'm restoring starts with "8H". This means it was built in 1948. According to the "Old Roads" website ( www.oldroads.com ) determining a Huffy's (or Huffman's) age requires two steps:
    The last digit of the year of manufacture can be determined by the first digit of the serial number.
    Then you have to look for other characteristics to determine the decade of manufacture.
    Your serial number starts with "5"
    Your cycle has 26 x 1.75 tires
    Your cycle has a built in tank
    This would be a cycle manufactured in 1965

    This bike still wears the Huffman name (Huffman bikes started wearing the Huffy badge in 1949), has a tank and wears balloon tires (26x2.125). It also has the 1/2" pitch chain (which usually rules out 1930s) instead of the 1" pitch (or skip-tooth) chain. Therefore, it was easy to determine that it's a 1948 model.

    Update: This bike originally wore a nice deep maroon with white paint scheme that was discovered after removing the mix of green, blue, silver and black spray paints that were applied by a previous owner. The frame and fork have been stripped and are wearing the first coat of primer. One fender has been stripped, dents removed (mostly) and the supports straightened, stripped and ready for primer. The chainring cleaned up beautifully, as did the gooseneck. The bike is progressing well, and I hope to have it finished by Memorial Day barring anything unforeseen.
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    It's finished

    The '48 Huffman is finished, and in the colors my friend specified. Here are some shots of the finished bike.

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    Good job.

    That's a good looking bike.
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    XXXcellent !!
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    your friend is gonna be 'stylin' when she pedals that beauty down the road !!!
    nice job chris :cool2:
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    Thanks for all the kind comments about the bike. My friend was also quite pleased with the finished product (what a relief!). When I delivered that bike, a friend of hers commissioned another bike from me. This is another Huffman woman's bike, but she wants it done in Olive Drab as a military Huffman. Looks like I'll have to rebuild the wheels with some 11gauge spokes...
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    That bike is beatiful, you do terrific work