1947 Whizzer "H" motor rebuilt

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    Just removed a Whizzer "H" motor from my business partners Whizzer. We used the frame to intall a 49 CC 4 stroke kit for his son in it's place. The reason for the motor swap was to make the bike legal in NC [under 50 CC].

    The Whizzer motor was rebuilt about 2 years ago [by me] and has less than 500 miles on it.

    $750.00 will buy it, and includes motor mounts, controls, cables, belts, exhaust pipe & mounts, carburetor, etc. Also includes a small 1/2 gallon tank [not whizzer].

    Does not include clutch arm, clutch pulley, or rear belt sheeve.
    The rebuild cost was over $400.00. Motor is show condition and was rebuilt with vintage Whizzer parts to keep it original. Bike easily traveled over 35 MPH.

    either email or PM me for additional details & pictures.

    Have fun,

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    It appears several are interested in this motor and I have been asked to supply some pictures.

    This motor is sold "as is" and I decided to take a very close look at it to make sure it would be an outstaning value for someone on this site.

    After careful inspection, here are the facts:
    It is one of the most original motors I have ever run across.
    Other than a couple of screws, and a "replacement" choke lever it is 99% original
    The motor was made March 1947, and serial #H-68787.
    It has the correct headbolts and head.
    It has the original cylinder with a stock "B" bore
    The crankshaft and rod are original [new insert bearings replaced].
    The points ignition has been upgraded to electronic [good thing].
    Valves were re-cut, valve seats re-cut, valves lapped
    Compression tested great [114 pounds]
    Has had slight port work [ports "smoothed" out].
    Original flex pipe [needs to be replaced, but original]
    Removed head, wiped the top of piston & cylinder with dry cloth and took pictures.
    Was surprized to see such a low mileage motor. It looks almost new inside.
    I know it was ridden for several hundred miles, but doen't appear so.

    This motor is a real piece of American history, as so much of it is original, and must not have been used very much. I base these comments on the fact it still has the original bore & piston [new rings, wrist pin, and wrist pin clips, of course], and the original crankshaft [all new bearings, and seal of course].

    About 95% of the vintage motors I have rebuilt, start out with a lot of incorrect parts, and modifications, however this motor isn't like that, it is the "real thing".

    It also includes a bunch of original motor mounts, controls, belt, belt guard, and misc. bolts, nuts, etc.

    There is one small missing fin on the head, but was hard to notice.

    I originaly though it had the rear belt, but after close inspection, it wasn't included [at least I can't find it].

    Hope this information and pictures are of some help.

    I will honor offers in the order they were received, meaning the first to inquire will have first option to purchase, etc.

    Have fun,

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    Have fun,