whizzer J motor project - $500

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by perichbrothers, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. perichbrothers

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    Hi guys.
    I've got a whizzer project considering selling.
    It's a J motor, so 1948-49 i've found out,
    and its on a western flyer 26"er bike,
    don't know the bike year, has a skiptooth with a bendix hub, aluminum badge,
    probably a late 40's bike.
    There are alot of parts missing from the engine,
    the flywheel/magneto/clutch/beltring/exhaust/controls/tank...
    so this is definitely a project or parts bike.
    There is a small box of random parts, brackets and stuff.
    The bike looks more like a donor bike,
    definitely never was complete.

    While I'd like to get as close to $500 from a local buyer - no shipping,
    I'm considering just selling the engine and keeping the bike for a china-girl cruiser,
    so will consider offers on just the engine (with possible shipping too.)

    PM me if interested


  2. AndyT

    AndyT Member

    I can't really say that I'm interested, but where do you live? Someone will need that info for a local sale.
  3. perichbrothers

    perichbrothers New Member

    oh thanks thought it was in my title.

    San diego CA