1st Cruiser project

Here are some pics of my basic install on a cheap but sturdy Target Schwinn. Total project cost-bike, motor, oil/gas and accesories under $300. This is probably as inexpensive as it will get for all new parts install (including bike), but it is worth every penny for how much fun and satisfaction I get out of my creation, not to mention the looks I get. It's still going to get a custom cup holder on the handlebar, which will push it over the $300 mark-but for something I can cruz around town on all day for a couple bucks in gas and gives me a cheap thrill....you do the math :p




beach cruzin

hey cant wait to see your next project...2 or 4 stroke? our next one might be a 4...good luck and keep us posted!
Happy motoring! :cool: :eek: :) :D :p



It's getting an 80cc 2-stroke with some added parts and 40 tooth sprocket for a little more speed. It's a pretty heavy bike, so I need a little more speed out of it to keep up with my Schwinn.
I am considering a 4-stroke "roller" motor (eho?) for my girlfriends bike. It's an Electra Hawaii girls frame, so I think the roller motor is the only way to go. But I will post all new pictures and questions on these soon.


i just signed on to this forum and your Jaguar was the first pic I looked at. Unbelievable since I just bought a Dacs kit and the Jaguar to mount it on. After installing the engine, I found that the chain won't get past the balloon Tires. So I disassembled and was going to return the bike. After seeing yours, I wonder if you had this problem and what your solution was?


I really thought that all the posts about an inline filter were kind of elitist BS. But on my latest (and first) built, I just put the fuel line in uncut. It had a little bit of a dip in it. At that dip, due to the low fuel consumption, there was a lot of crap building up, just because the peacock filter doesn't do sh*t.

I got a fram filter and it seems to be doing the job.