2 stroke carb on HS engine

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by dougsr.874, Jun 21, 2015.

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    I read on Facebook where the standard NT carb is a great replacement for the HS carb.....poster says it eliminates the idling problems and works
    extremely welll..........Any thoughts on this matter???

  2. KCvale

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    Yes an NT carb will work, you need an NT intake as well, I find the Z offset intakes work best.



    You'll want to put a catch can on your bike to put the crankcase vent tube in.
    I ran one into the air cleaner and it ran terrible with the NT.
  3. dougsr.874

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    Where is the best place to buy the offset intakes?????????????
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    One of my NT 4-strokes had an intake that guy made, worked well.

    Not sure which exact Z bolted right on, I have a drawer with a few and Cole cut/welded a couple from various parts.
    The NT is not an upgrade, it is just an alternative and personally I think the 49's run better with the stock carb, when they work that is.

    I really can't sell a bike with the emissions removed but I'd bet those carbs work much better if you put the crankcase vent hose into a catch can or something and not into the carb, the vent kills an NT.
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    Saw where a poster used a mikuni pumper carb on a HS 142f and his claims were substantial in performance. I'm trying to find that site/post but no luck so far. Of course Mikuni and Keihin are Japanese carbs for motorcycles since the 50s.
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    My brother has a cammed GXH50 and has been battling carb problems for the last 2 years, not long after switching to a "reworked" Huasheng carb sold by a vendor.

    He just installed the VMB intake and NT carb, works like a charm! I'll probably switch my Huasheng, too.
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    thats a super nice build.

    what would you charge for one of these?
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    As long as you open up the exhaust and drop an NGK plug in I can see any good carb like a Mikuni or even the Delorto clone being an actual performance advantage.

    I'll bet even more of an improvement on a 144F-1G 53cc.
    I have a pair of new 144's just sitting here waiting to be used.

    Thank you but the wrong topic.
    That builds topic is here http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?45381-Fito-3-66cc-3-speed-shifter-w-shocks
    Well, that one was $1,400 delivered intact and ready to ride with a full tank of gas 230 miles away.
    I have a new truck and un-employed son for just such deliveries ;-}