2 stroke idles too high, slack throttle cable


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10:25 AM
Aug 6, 2008
Chester, CA 96020
I have a powerkingshop 80cc engine kit, been riding it for about a week now and am on my second tank of gas. When i am riding i will move without touching the throttle. When i engage the clutch, my engine screams at a very high idle. I have checked the throttle assembly and it is inserted properly, (i have the notches aligned). Also, my throttle cable has about 1/4 inch of slack in it so i know my throttle cable is not too tight. The idle screw has no effect on the idle speed of the engine. Please help, should i look for air leaks? My intake manifold and gasket look good and the manifold bolts are tight. Any ideas?

The second problem i am having is with my exhaust, is it true that i need good pressure and sealage on the baffle? I have been reading that 2 strokes have to have good exhaust because of the lack of valves, my baffle shot out one day and it broke the welds on the bottom tube/round metal thingy. I patched it and made it airtight with some high heat resistant epoxy (Quiksteel to be exact). How hot does the muffler typically get in degrees Fahrenheit? The epoxy will hold at 500 Fahrenheit continuous. I am thinking about getting some of the thermosteel stuff though, it holds to 2100 farienheit. :eek:

Need to get these problems fixed, any help is greatly appreciated.

Try taking the air filter off and look inside while operating the throttle to see if the slide moves all the way up and down in the throat of the carb. You could try to adjust the cable too. Good luck!
figured it out, i installed a shifter cable and jimmierigged it to the throttle because my original throttle was too tight and im too cheap to buy another one. Anyway the metal endcap of the cable was bigger than the hole in the slide, my stupid mistake, should of known it would stop the slide from sealing. As for the epoxy, well, it was not good enough. I now have a nice dime sized 2nd degree burn on my leg from where the oil splattered out of the muffler and on to my leg! Ouch.

Thanks for the help anyway.