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    Well I finaly Have the Felt MP for my Proto Type that I have been waiting for for nearly two and a half months for it to get here. It is no longer built with aluminum so a Frame tank is out. I will not be proceeding with the build untill after the holidays but the front wheel is off to the bike shop for a drum brake. And if you have not guessed this already this bike will be built with the 4G T Belt Drive that was in my previous videos. Here are a few pic's for now this lighting Kit will not be avalible untill it is proven. Gas powered bicycles are ilegal here in Canada so that is why this Proto Type is going to be a Limited Speed Motorcycle and will be registred licenced and insured. Oh and I forgot the mention This Is My First Build and I will not stop until it is right.


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    Here are some mock-up pictures duct tape helps the imagination LOL and the headlight holder will have most of the white trimmed off and the front rack will be trimmed and reinstalled the front tire will be reinstalled with a disk front brake it turns out to be the most cost effective way to put a brake on the front wheel plus the hub comes all ready painted black to match the hub that was stock still waiting for sprocket & mount and the engine mount will be sand blasted and painted black as well as the Poo poo exhaust pipe fuel tank and the engine side cover will be painted Green to match the bike and that is all I have for now I will up date this as I go and I will have full function video's on completion.



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    Terry your first attachments did not work for me, some kind of notice came up.
    You can do pics from your computer by clicking "advanced" when you are doing a post, then down below is a box that says,"manage attachemets" . Click that and you will see where you can select images to put in. Note- I had to set my camera on a low pixel count (the e-mail setting) to get mine to work.
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    Hello Terry.

    I am just curious, how would you go about registering something like this here in BC? Do you need to obtain a VIN first and then proceed with registration or the other way around? The VIN "request" forms have a box labeled "registration no." so I assume you need registration first, ICBC's website doesn't seem to be very clear on the matter (have never registered anything "u-built" myself so I have no idea). I assume an inspection would have to be done - what is required for a "LSM" to pass? Again, ICBC's website defines what a LSM is, however I can't seem to find what a LSM is required to have - lights, brake light, signal lights, just DOT rated tires or DOT rated everyting (ie lights etc.)?

    I wish you the best of luck in your build and your quest to make it "road legal".
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    Sorry guys the pic would not up load so I am going to have to work on it till they do I have a tonne of pic's too.
    And Yes you have to apply for a Vin number then you have to a mechanic install the number. And you have to have load of other things done to your bike. Just try to find DOT Canada Tires they don't exist. And the bike is very near completion about two more weeks and it will be done
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    Ok I have the Pictures all resized and I will posting like a mad man now But first I have go take a nap_________________ with my 2 year old daughter LOL

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    and more pic's just remember these are rough mock-up's this bike has a long way to go be for it is complete



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    Here are a few of the latest pictures my brother Colin and my self wiring the MP you can always tell how much fun you are having by how big of a mess you make LOL sorry Glenda :0)



    On Sunday I will be sand blasting a few of the chrome parts that came with the 4G kit and painting them black so they will soot the bike better. Like the engine mounting plate, the wide pedal arms, and the chain sprocket from the wide crank set plus I will be painting the Poo Poo pipe high temp black as well. And when the sprocket and mount show up that will be painted black.
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    Latest Pic's

    SANY0086[1].jpg I have sand blasted all the chrome off of these parts they will be painted satan black.

    SANY0088[1].jpg Front wheel is back from the bike shop and looks awsome


    SANY0092[1].jpg I stumbled on to this retro harley headlight I got it for a 15 pack of budwiser
    beer LOL you just get lucky once in a while one of these retail is about $230 USD.
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    Cool, but i think that is too small, and not colorful.
  11. Terry Blow

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    Thank you but I'm not sure what you are talking about. What is too small?? And not colorful??
  12. professor

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    The pics. I am sure.
    Real nice work Terry!
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    Thank you I have been told that there is to much junk around the bike and it takes away from the bike. But this room is in my house too cold to work in the shop it is my hobby room with no benches so it gets real messy at times.
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    OK so here is the thing I am nearing completion of this bike and I have a tonne of pictures and comments for all of the pics. It would take me a week to do the hole thing so I am just going to post the pic's and slowly add the comments

    SANY0096[1].jpg head light comparison

    SANY0097[1].jpg Long exhaust gets first coat of satin black

    SANY0104[1].jpg I picked up this used front shocks for $100

    SANY0105[1].jpg And they will save me from welding mounting tabs on the stock Felt font end

    SANY0107[1].jpg I have the bracket for the rear lights fabricated from scrap aluminum
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    SANY0108[1].jpg This is the battery box mock up shown with keyed kill switch and main power on off switch.

    SANY0111[1].jpg Showing what the bikes ride height will be with the new front end.

    SANY0115[1].jpg After trying the exhaust on the bike I found that the exhaust is going to have to be cut and re-welded.




    SANY0123[1].jpg Mock up pics of what front end will look like with the new front end and new headlight

    SANY0142[1].jpg This is a oil tank for a BSA motorbike from Low Brow customs $85

    SANY0143[1].jpg I welded it together with my tigtorch.



    SANY0151[1].jpg Front end and headlight sandblasted and ready for paint.

    SANY0153[1].jpg Checking to make sure the wide crank set all works the way it should befor paint.


    SANY0155[1].jpg Battery box is about 70% done.


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    Here are the very latest pics

    SANY0205.jpg Tank is ready for olive drab green paint.


    SANY0207.jpg Battery box is ready for olive drab green paint.

    SANY0208.jpg The engine mount and the the rear light bracket are ready for olive drab green paint the rest will be satin black

    SANY0209.jpg Rust proofing and fuel tank sealer will be used for long time rust free use.

    SANY0210.jpg Paint inhibitor has been sprayed on the engine cover and is now ready for olive drab green paint.

    SANY0211.jpg Front shock is ready for its olive drab green paint the top half will be satin black.

    OK so this thread is now up to date Oh did I mention this is my first build LOL

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    Here are the latest pictures





    SANY0230 (2).jpg

    SANY0231.jpg Head light mounted to bracket I fa bed up includes mounting for signal lights just needs front cover cap.


    SANY0233.jpg Here is the comparison from the stock front end to the shock front end


    SANY0238.jpg I purchased this from the whizzer company and it matches nicely

    SANY0225.jpg Last but not least here are all the painted parts the next step is final Assembly
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    A couple questions.

    1. what type of paint?
    2. how wide is that bottom bracket?
    3. are you going to keep the original triple tree fork? If not, what size steerer tube?

    Thanks, Ed
  19. Terry Blow

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    The paint is from Lordco they did a color match the paint type is PPG Color is called Olive Drab there is about 10 different shades of this color. The black is Por 15 Satin Black. I'm not sure what bracket you are referring to and I have not made up my mind about selling the spare parts yet.