212cc build thread 2.0 (不不)

Bought this bike as a 79cc and this is what it looked like when I picked it up. Photos of current process in next post.


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I am a barber. I have several customers who work in law enforcement, and Ive told them all what Im building and none of them cared whether it was legal. They have no plans to harass a guy for riding a motorized bicycle/moped.
YEP...All it takes is one brand new rookie, fresh out of the academy, with "tin badge god syndrome", trying to "make his bones"...lol...lol.
Technically in some places it is against the statutes. Yes, some gungho rookie could take you down, I would think this would be unlikely with the many things to fill their days.

What I'm thinking is, if there was an incident that required police presence and this rookie attended, there could be a series of charges.

When I spoke with an officer at the detachment, he said the only issue we are concerned with is what happens in an accident.
He said you will be on your own, driving an illegal vehicle voids most insurers accident provisions even if you were not at fault.
Let's not dive too deep into the legality of this build. We have already established the fact it is not exactly legal. If I am not mistaken the last thread was deleted by its owners request because of arguments over legality, (hence, the "2.0" in the thread title)
I ended up deciding to go with a 2 stroke intake and racing carb. Stock 212 carb bore is a little over 18mm, so a 19mm carb should do ok, might need reheated, not sure on that yet, but I am going to just extend the mounting holes on the 2 stroke intake. Bought the boot style carb and it sticks out way too far and my leg is going to hit it. I also dont want to build a bracket to support it or mess with trying to reposition it. The racing carb should work fine, even if it needs tuned a little. I hate spending money on parts Im not going to use, but this is a bit of trial and error for me as Ive never built a 212 before. I now have two carbs Im not going to be using, but it is what it is.
Make a rocketship, already tuned for your app.

Buy a new cable for it.
$120 for a carb? Im good lol really no reason a 19mm carb cant work. The stock carb is less than 19mm. Lots of guys apparently bypass the governor to run the stock carb, I removed my governor but if it can rev up with the stock carb, a 19mm carb will work just fine.
Make a rocketship, already tuned for your app.

Buy a new cable for it.
Also, my cylinder is vertical, so most carbs wont work because the intakes are designed for semi-horizontal cylinders. Another reason I went with a 2 stroke carb, it can be mounted in the orientation I need, with little modification to fit my engine.